Initial Public Offerings Research Paper

In initial public offerings, securities are sold to the public for the very first time. Go to http://www.ipohome.com This site lists various statistics regarding the IPO market.

  • What is the largest IPO this year ranked by amount raised?
  • What is the next IPO to be offered to the public?
  • How many IPOs were priced this year?
  • The Federal Reserve maintains extensive data on finance companies. Go to and scroll down until you find G.20 Finance Companies. Click on “releases” and find the current release.
  • Review the terms of credit for new car loans. What is the most recent average interest rate and what is the term to maturity? How much is the average new car loan offered by finance companies?
  • Do finance companies make more consumer loans, real estate loans, or business loans?
  • Which type of loan has grown most rapidly over the last five years?
  • We have discussed the various stock markets in detail. Another market that is less well known is the New York Mercantile Exchange. Here contracts on a wide variety of commodities are traded on a daily basis. Go to and read the discussion explaining the origin and purpose of the mercantile exchange. Write a one-page summary discussing this material.
  • The following site can be used to demonstrate how the features of an option affect the option’s prices. Got to What happens to the price of an option under each of the following situations?
    The strike price increases.
    Interest rates increase.
    Volatility increases.
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