Preparing For the Informational Interview

Candidate’s Information:

The name:

The job title: Social Worker

The level of education: A bachelor’s in Psychology

A description of job responsibilities or day-to-day tasks: Human Services Worker

The type of license, if applicable:

The state of residence and practice:

E-mail address:

 Phone number:

Job Applicant Interview Script

When the interviewee arrives, I will meet him/ her with a smile and a friendly handshake in order to put him/her at ease. I will then introduce myself and let the interviewee know that I am glad that he/she has come. I will assure him/her that I have set aside adequate time so that the interview can run smoothly without any interruptions.

I will start the interview with light conversation about personal interests and hobbies but I will be careful to stay away from personal questions that may be perceived as discriminatory. I will also be keen to assess whether the candidate is comfortable having such a conversation. If not, I will change the topic to other interests, such as professional interests and how he/she found out bout the position.

Once the candidate is comfortable and at ease, I will give him/her a short overview of the position and what we will cover during the interview. I will say, ” We have an open Human Service position, which you have shown interest in. Before we commence, allow me to give you an overview of what we are going to cover during this interview. I would like to review your background education and experience so that I make an informed decision on whether your talents and interests match the position’s requirements. First, I would like you to tell me about your education, previous job experiences, your professional and personal interests, and anything else you might perceive relevant.After covering your background, I will tell you about our organization as well as the position being offered so that you can assess whether this is the right position for you. Finally, I will answer your questions, if you happen to have any.

Interview Guide:

  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. Tell me about your academic qualifications andprevious work experience.
  3. What would you say are your, achievements, your strengths and your weaknesses?
  4. Why are you interested in the Human Services fieldand what would give you this agency?
  5. What qualities do you perceive necessary for this position? Which ones do you posses and how would they contribute to your success?
  1. Do you belong to any relevant professional organization?
  1. How well do you work as a part of a team? What value can you add to the team?
  2. What makes you the best candidate for this job?
  3. What are your views on professional ethics and academic integrity?
  4. How do you define professional boundaries?
  5. What kind of experience have you had with different populations, especially children? What did you learn from those experiences?
  6. What role does psychological research play in your work?
  7. Describe an instance where you had to deal with a difficult Client. How did you resolve the issue?
  8. What techniques do you perceive best for crisis intervention work? Why?
  9. What are our career and personal objectives and your future plans?
  • Do you have any questions?

Thank you for your time, we will get back to you within the next 7 to 14 working days.


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