principles of competitive advantage

Assignment Read Case Study 3 on pages 67-69 in your textbook. Submit a three page paper that addresses questions 1-7 on pages 68-69 in your textbook. Make sure each question is thoroughly analyzed and answered. At least one quote or specific reference from the case study must be added for each of the answers you provide to the five questions listed above. Please submit your file as a Microsoft Word document, failure to do so will result in a 0 for this assignment. This Unit will review strategic structure and initiatives that will leverage IT resources as a competitive advantage for a company, including the following:

1. Review the principles of competitive advantage in Figure 3-7. Which types of competitive advantage has bosu used to defeat copycat products.

2. What role did information systems play in your anser to question 1?

3. What additional information systems could fitness quest develop to creat barriers to entry to the competition and to lock in customers?

4. In 2004, Fitness quest had alliances with trainers and its main competitor had allinaces with major retailer. Thus , both companies were competing on the basis of their alliances. Why do you think Fitness Quest won this competition? To what extent did its success in leveraging relationships with trainers depend on information systmes. On other factors?

5. The case does not state all of the ways that Fitness Quest uses its trainer database. List five applications of the trainer database that would increase fitness Quest’s competitive position.

6. Describe major differences between the bosu product an dindo row product. Consider product use, product price, customer resisitance, competition, competitive threats, and other factors related to market acceptance.

7. Describe information systmes that Fitness Quest could use to strengthen its strategy for bringing indo ros to market. Consider the factors you identified in you answere to question 6 in your

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