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Think about good and not-so-good professional presentations that you have attended in the past. Give an example of what made an effective presentation? Give another example of what detracted from their ability to deliver a message to the audience?

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Professional Presentation

Patient privacy and confidentiality is one of the most important aspect in the medical field. Any medical professional should know the importance of patient information privacy and always observe information privacy and confidentiality. The most terrible mistake a medical professional can do is exposing details about a patient to unauthorized individuals. Even if it is important to use a certain medical scenario as an example or to demonstrate anything, the medical professional should avoid using the patient name or giving other personal details that can easily be used by those who know the patient to connect the two. In this regard, a nurse or any other medical professional should either give medical information generally only by defining the population clearly or addressing all in the society. The great need for patient information privacy limits on the means and techniques of disseminating information to a patient.

Privacy and confidentiality also limits on how much a nurse can disclose to an individual offering home care to a patient. A nurse is limited into communicating specific message to a client using secure means especially when this message is very subjective and important (Fisher & Clayton, 2012). Public forums such as social media are only required for general information focusing on a larger group. Therefore, effective technique of presenting the information should include employing private measures and only presenting the message to the authorized people. More secure techniques are required to allow confidential electronic information transfer. In this regard, a medic must ensure that the message transfer channel is very secure. In addition, medics should ensure no private message is passed through social media platform where they can be accessed by a third party. The security issue may demand that the use of secure techniques such as phones should not get to a third party who would leak the information further. Therefore, security is very essential in medical message transfer (Fisher & Clayton, 2012).

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