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Previous researchers have proved that intoxication increases the degree of sexual pleasure. However, minimal research has proved that sexual pleasure can anyway be related to neurosis addiction. The incoming research will, therefore, prove that sexual intoxication amounts to a higher degree of neurosis addiction. Nevertheless, the analysis cannot be complete without integrating a coherent research design. The research will develop a hypothesis in order to direct a given research strategy. The research will primarily apply a qualitative research methodology in order to prove the applicability of different variables. The research is defragmented into two main sections and one secondary section. The secondary section, the background will state the eligibility of the hypothesis. The other two secondary sections, courtesy of a responsive hypothetical statement and sample population and research methodology will analyze the merits of such a research design.


Hypothesis testing examines the amounts to finding internal and external conditions that can explain variation in behaviour. The stimulus series referred to a high or low performance, and this depends on the nature of variables being presented. The variables registered, in this case, are male and female amongst others. In Sex Hypothesis Testing (SHT), participants are asked to take the perspective of a variety director and continue evaluating the casting performance. Shin (2014, p. 10) believes that the stimulus information is manipulated in a way that effect is achieved by the other two variables; that is success or failure. Variation in the degree is determined by success or failure, and this depends on the differences registered in each case. Besides, in SHT, the manipulation is presented on co-variation of the effect with both causal factors, manipulated on the primary task of focus. Participants are either instructed to attend to potential differences between the two sexes. In any case, both manipulations present co-variation and focus that represents significant determinants of attribution. Thus, in summary, SHT investigation offers an opportunity of unveiling specific characters based on sex.

A responsive hypothesis statement

According to consistent investigations, by Freud, sexual processes remain a particular assumption that substances of the peculiar kind arise from a given sexual metabolism. For that reason, the neuroses that can be derived from subsequent sexual disturbances of sexual life that indicate clinical similarity to the ideas of intoxication and the abstinence that arise from habitual intoxication. In other words, the neuroses that are derived from disturbances of sexual life happen to be actual neuroses. The investigation by Freud demonstrates that habitual use of toxic produced pleasure that lead to similar malaise in the subject as the inadequate sexual practices for the subject which suffered from sexual neurosis. Thus, the hypothesis to be formulated will establish the common factor between the actual neuroses and addiction is the toxicity itself. The hypothesis is mentored by the fact toxic substances have an effect on the subject that is similar to the effect of the toxic substances of alcohol and drugs. The hypothesis, therefore, indicates that,

If uncontrollable sexual pleasure causes neuroses addiction due to increased sexual abuse rate, can the element of intoxication be applied to justify the advent of sexual pleasure?

In order to defragment and use the above hypothesis, this research cannot ignore the role of language in the production of pleasure and the distribution of energy. Supportively, Fred argues that, Pleasure is nonsense without regard to the condition that should make sense. In addition, Sauerteig (2012, p. 156) establishes Freud indication of alcohol inhibits and saves the subject energy that would otherwise be applied to repress the pleasure of nonsense. Arguably, since high spirits are something that happens to or overcomes the issue, joking is an act and thus to the implication is the subject himself or herself who is responsible for the production of pleasure. Hence, the hypothesis will be in light with factors to be calculated. The results will, therefore, be proving that addiction is the opposite movement from keeping things in a particular language. In fact, the results will be precise in proving that the change from keeping things in style is the artificial creation of mood of high spirits that are induced via a chemical route – dopamine.

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