Qualitative Research Proposal – Assignment Instructions

Write up a qualitative research proposal on “The value of a second language requirement in school curricula” It should be 10 pages. First, you have all of the 7 sections. Second, you also have to prepare the literature review. This will make up the majority of the DRP Proposal.
  1. Introduction to the problem
  2. Statement of the problem
  3. Specific research question and sub questions to address the problem
  4. Significance of the study (Why this study is important; who will benefit?)
  5. Research design and methodology
  6. Organization of the Study
  7. Tentative Reference List and
  8. Literature Review

The value of a second language requirement in school curricula. The proposed research project surrounds the relatively recent implementation of required language courses in the New Jersey school system. For the past twelve years, students from grades kindergarten through twelfth have been required to study a language in addition to English with the aim of achieving a practical proficiency in the language. This proficiency is meant to include personal and professional communication skills, comprehension, and cultural awareness. The aim of this research project is to evaluate the proficiency level of students graduating from the New Jersey state secondary school system and determine whether those graduates who are competent in the language utilize their skills after graduation. By cross referencing assessment reports, personal interviews, and relevant employment data, the study will assess the usefulness of the curriculum in the post-graduate lives of students with six years of education in the language. The six year mark is necessary to ensure students have had sufficient exposure to the curriculum combined with six years post graduation experience which will be used to establish a cost benefit analysis for the language curriculum. The control group will be comprised of native English speakers who did not participate in the world languages curriculum. This research is critical to provide a baseline for this relatively new addition to the core curriculum as the standard has been in place twelve years, and a substantive review has yet to be completed. In addition the results shall hopefully provide indicators as to the broader question of whether acquiring a second language is of significant value in communications, and in particular, if there are benefits to certain languages or whether the advantages or disadvantages of the program are equally applicable regardless of language choice.

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