A Report on the Sustainability Status of Redberry Lake Biosphere Reserve

Executive Summary


Sustainability is a broad term applied across a number of disciplines. It refers to the utilization of resources in such a manner that such use meets the needs of the current generation without compromising those of future generations. The purpose of this research is to investigate the sustainability status of the Redberry Lake Biosphere Reserve. In order to achieve its purpose, the report relies on primary and secondary data collected through a variety of methods. The data collected is then evaluated against selected sustainability trend indicators to determine the ecological, economical and social sustainability of the current agriculture management system in Redberry Lake Biosphere Reserve.

Objectives/Scope of work

The report covers the RLBR in Saskatoon. The researcher hopes to develop a framework for sustainable agricultural development in Redberry Lake Biosphere Reserve. Some of the research objectives include:

  • To determine the current sustainability status of the Redberry Lake Biosphere Reserve
  • To determine pitfalls in the establishment of a sustainable agricultural system
  • To establish areas requiring improvement or remediation so as to achieve a sustainable agricultural system

The research employs both primary and secondary sources of data. Some of the primary methods of data collection used include:

  • Community surveys
  • Interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Ornithological assessment


The current agricultural management system is overall sustainable. However, it

  • is ecologically sustainable
  • is not economically sustainable
  • is socially sustainable

In order to meet the objective of becoming an ecologically, economically and socially sustainable agricultural system, the following actions are recommended

  • improved government incentive through subsidies and favourable policies
  • NGOs to take advantage of the favourable social system in place to provide training and assistance to farmers
  • Farmers to embrace ecologically friendly policies that allow soil to replenish itself
  • Due care to reduce the number of invasive weeds in the area and to bar entry of new species.

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