Report Writing – Purpose and Standard Parts

Thank you for reaching out with these questions on report writing, I am glad to see that your focus is in the right place and that you are taking your new job with the seriousness that it deserves. The main reason reports are written is to convey information to other people. This being the main purpose of writing reports, it is imperative that a report be written in an organized manner and that it contains an objective presentation of the information being conveyed. To achieve organization in report writing, one would need to follow a systematic pattern not only in the formatting of the report but also in the presentation of ideas and information. To achieve objectivity while writing a report, one must separate their personal feelings from the information they are presenting to ensure only factual reporting devoid of subjective influence is conveyed.
Being a comprehensive report, a report ought to cover all the aspects of relevance to the information being presented to an audience. This means that the purpose and scope of the report should be clear to you as the writer and should be well outlined for the reader in order for them to know what to expect from reading the report.In addition, you should always endeavor to employ the standard parts of a report to organize it. The report should have a title page, an executive summary, an introduction, a discussion section, a conclusion section, and a reference page.
Reports in the work place are formal documents that have a bearing not only on your competence but also on your level of skills. For this reason, while writing a report you should always adopt a formal writing style and engage your analytical thinking skills in the presentation of the information. Lastly and most importantly,ensure that you take the time to ensure the report is not only neatly presented but also carefully proofread to avoid errors that may degrade the quality of your report and fail to yield the desired outcome.

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