Retaining and Separating, Compensation and Benefits

To learn more about retaining and separating employees, and compensation and benefit processes of Google. You will submit an APA-formatted research paper that addresses these functions.

If the required details are unavailable for the organization you chose, you may research and present recommendations on the topics in the bulleted list below.

Your assignment must include four resources to support your analysis. One resource can be your textbook. Examples of other acceptable choices include informational interviews, scholarly journals, and white papers from professional organizations such as the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). (White papers from SHRM are typically available only to its members.)

Your assignment should contain an introduction, body, and conclusion. For this assignment, describe the following:

Retaining and Separating Employees

  • The organization’s formal discipline policies related to harassment, absenteeism, unsafe work practices, poor quality of work, drug or alcohol use, theft, and cyber policies.
  • Formal discipline trends that are necessary to protect the organization from possible employment-related litigation.
  • Any alternative dispute resolution processes.
  • Outplacement counseling and employee assistance programs that are available.
  • Discuss how these policies are needed to protect the organization from employment-related litigation.

Compensation and Benefits

  • The formal pay structure within the organization (exempt, nonexempt, salary, hourly, or commission).
  • Any benchmarking activities undertaken by the organization. Include information as to whether it offers a competitive compensation structure.
  • Incentives offered.
  • Any profit-sharing or stock-ownership programs that are available.
  • Both the legally mandated and voluntary benefits offered.
  • The cost of the benefits to the organization.
  • How benefits are communicated to employees.
  • The environmental factors that have influenced compensation and benefits of the organization.
  • Any current issues faced by the organization as they relate to compensation and benefits.
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