Role of Local, Regional, National, and Global Policies on Environment

Environment pollution is a serious globe problem that needs the effort of all stakeholders to address it. In this regard, there have been development of different environmental policies at different parts of the world in different levels to fight the environmental pollution. The policy in each level of governance focuses on enhancing environmental management at that level. In this regard, the local policy focuses on enhancing environment management at local level. This include basic strategies to be employed to improve the environmental status of a local region. At regional level the policies tries to restrict on the activities that result to pollution and other environment degradation. This include the emission rate allowed per region. At national level, this include policies that campaign for green production and strengthening of the global policies in the country (Gemmill & Bamidele-Izu, 2013).

The global policies on the other hand set standards on what nations should work on to reduce pollution. The super power nation also set restriction on some industrial operations which would impact the environmental health across the world. The best policy can be determined based on how effective the previous policies have been at any level. To acquire the best policies, there should be a contribution of all stakeholders involved in environmental management. When all stakeholders are included the best policies can be developed. This include policies that can be employed by all without experiencing any form of resistance since this resistance highly contribute to a high level of failure in the previous developed policies (Teng, 2002).


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