Sandwich Generation

What is the sandwich generation?

Sandwich generation is a group of people who take care of elderly people, especially aging parents, and their children at the same time. Most people in the sandwich generation are usually in the middle adulthood age because it takes a lot of commitment to take care of both aging people and children (Pierret, 2015). Challenges are prone to the sandwich generation whereby they have to remain strong to face them. For instance, a person in the sandwich generation may face financial implications due to lack of enough capital to cater for all the needs. Therefore, sandwich generation is a contemporary topic that calls for societal and healthcare support so as to reduce the implications of the generation’s challenges.

Scenarios of Sandwich Generation

Sandwich generation has been categorized into different scenarios based on the situational condition. Giving care to the elderly exists in these scenarios which facilitate the diversity of sandwich generation (Skogrand, Henderson & Higginbotham, 2015). The main scenario is the traditional sandwich generation condition. Traditional sandwich involves an instance whereby people in the sandwich generation are sandwiched between elderly people and their own children. These people experience a large burden whereby their challenges are numerous.

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Club sandwich is another sandwich generation scenario that involves the grouping of sandwiched individuals using their ages. Club sandwich entails all individuals in their 50s and 60s who take care of aging parents, adult children and grandchildren. In addition, club sandwich involves people in the age bracket of 30s and 40s who take care of their young children, their parents and grandparents. These two scenarios illustrate that the sandwich generation is not bounded by limits of age. Any person at any age may belong to this generation and it takes full dedication for one to pick up all the responsibilities.

Implications of the Sandwich Generation

The sandwich generations faces implications from both the elderly people and the children. It needs a conjoint task of solving the issues affecting both of them so as to reduce the pressure created by the implications (Ben-Galim & Silim, 2015). Elderly parents require financial, legal and emotional support from the sandwich generation. An individual in the generation needs to provide the support. Another major implication on the generation is that the quality of care given is determined by the quality of the relationship between the sandwiched individuals and the elderly.

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This calls for a selfless character by the sandwiched parents whereby they have to cope with the negativities of the elderly. On the other hand, taking care of children has implications. Children require a great deal of financial support. This is because growing children insists on the provision of their needs. This affects the relationship between the child and the parent. Therefore, the quality of the relationship between the parent, the elderly and the children is crucial in determining family relationships.

Approach of Issues While In the Sandwich Generation

Sandwich generation challenges always have a way out. It takes a positive approach to reduce the implications whereby one needs to be dedicated in the generation’s aspects. One needs to take care of oneself and the marriage (Pierret, 2015). This greatly helps in improving the quality of life while being sandwiched. One also needs to utilize the support systems available. This involves seeking emotional support from friends. As a result, this would help in taking care of elderly and children thus reducing stress. Therefore, the approach of situations in the sandwich generation helps in the management of activities involved in the stage.


Sandwich generation is one of the valued social support aspects. It contributes to the upkeep of both elderly people and children. However, the generation has several implications that need to be sorted out. Individuals being sandwiched need to seek emotional and physical support so as to reduce stress that comes from situations in the sandwiched generation.

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