Scholarly Writing in Nursing – NR- 500

Where to Find Scholarly Articles

Scholarly articles are those articles which are published in scholarly journals, with a coverage on scientific and academic research. These scholarly journals are usually referred to as peer reviewed or refereed. When one wants to find scholarly articles he/she takes a search for the scholarly articles by the use of the library search engines (also referred to as databases). In the databases, he/she should look for links to limit by the academic sources or the peer review sources.

The scholarly articles can be found by finding subject specific search engines by the use of the Library subject guides. Moreover, the available tutorials can also facilitate the process of searching for the scholarly articles. The scholarly articles should meet the criteria: written for an academic audience, has in-text citations, has credible list of references /citations, and often contain an abstract, a section on literature review, methodology, discussion and results (Gennaro, 2012).

A Properly APA Formatted Topic

Patient-Centered Care: Challenges and Rewards

At the core of local and national efforts to advance the healthcare quality is the concept of patient- and family-centered care. Hughes (2011) has asserted that patient- and family-centered care is an approach in which the patient and his/her family are considered to be an integral components of the healthcare delivery processes and decision making.Patient- and family-centered care is a facet of healthcare quality in which care is customized and individualized to patients and families, and they, not the clinicians have control over their healthcare decisions (Hughes, 2011, p. 264).

The challenge encountered in the process of practicing and sustaining the concept of patient- and family-centered care is the aspect of environmental factors in the implementation of the patient-centered among the elderly residents. Moreover, according to Hughes (2011), this new model of care have made nurses to gain increased satisfaction in the non-technical aspects of care provision, a number of improved resident outcomes, and a stronger relationship between nurses and residents.


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