Security Director’s Professional Responsibilities in Today’s World And Need For Strong Working Relationships with Various Internal and External Entities

CCJS 345 – A Preparing for a Speech Before a Security Professional Organization


“Good morning to you all and welcome to the ASIS International Seminar. I am very delighted to address professionals involved in the “duty of care”. We are the people that organizations depend on to ensure protection of assets and offering solutions to various security problems. Our duty is becoming more and more important, especially in the current global world where organizational workers have to travel across borders to accomplish various duties and as they operate in work environment that are increasing hostile. Increased risk in the current global economy has introduced the new need into protecting the most valuable assets; workers, in our organizations. As security directors, we have important responsibilities in the current world which involves prevention of loss, administration, investigation, and managerial functions. We all face a lot of challenges while trying to accomplish these roles, and to be successful, every security director will need to have some critical skills that provide us with the ability to cope. We also need to develop strong working relation with different external and internal entities to be able to enhance shared responsibilities to accomplish the proactive mission. My today’s speech will basically address our roles, challenges, skills and other things we need to do to be able to accomplish our duties with high level of efficiency, especially in the current world where we have to think globally.

Current Operations and Challenges

We as security directors are currently experiencing a number of operational challenges in our work environment. Some of these challenges include cyber security, employee theft, property crime, workplace violence, unethical business, terrorism, and crisis management. Cyber security is one of the major issues that we are facing in today’s world. Our professional has for a long time been focused on physical security.  Even before we were able to completely manage its requirements, the need for virtual world security emerged, making out task considerably challenging, since most of us do not have the knowledge required to handle this (Dempsey, 2010).Other than that, we have been experiencing other security issues that include theft of company’s products, raw materials, tools and equipment among other things. Sometimes the ability to recover them becomes a challenge since some workers tend to hide them in places that one cannot just instruct for a search without invoking controversies and human rights laws in our operations. Property theft is also becoming a great challenge as we all know that an attack to the organization at any time involves gangs that come with more powerful weapons than what our officers may be having on the ground. This subjects some of them into serious injuries and sometimes causing their death.

Unethical businesses may also take place in our organizations, and to expose them one may need tangible evidence which may delay the process. This may not be easy, unless one has special investigation skills and ability to network and work with other people that are internally and externally connected with the organization. Terrorism is also becoming a serious issues to our organizations, especially those involve in retailing businesses. We all know that we have to be very careful and vigilant in protecting organization workers, customers and other properties from terrorism related attacks. We also need to be well prepared to handle crisis whenever they occur, or to identify their chances of occurrence and define the best mitigation measures to employ to maintain peace and order in our organization (Hess, 2008). Most of these duties are not easy. They may attract a lot of enemies and in most cases put our lives in danger. But we have to handle the situation and to remain in control on security related matters at all the times. To manage this we all need to have the required skills as well as personal developed tactics to address different situations. We need to be good in our investigation skills, we need to develop cybercrime investigation tactics, and we will also need to define who to establish a relation with to be able to create a network that permits effective collaboration in enhancing security in our organizations.

Professional responsibilities

As security directors we have a number of responsibilities that we must accomplish. Some of these responsibilities include loss prevention, managerial, administrative and investigation functions. As investigators, we need to be to demonstrate our knowledge and skills in the fields of management of case, collection of evidence, and presentation of these cases. To accomplish this, one may need to have the ability to work with other people in and outside the organization. One will also need to have special personal developed tactics that include people skills to be able to get all the needed evidence easily (Hess, 2008).

One must also show competency in all managerial aspects that constitute security management. Management responsibilities include deciding on the organization security protocol, enhancing the design of the organization surveillance, controlling all organizations security measures that include crisis identification and mitigation, and providing the required security tools and technology to security officers, their installation, and identifying the security officers needed to work in different area among other things.

Security directors need to have strong loss prevention responsibility. This is a responsibility that requires security directors to identify and define possible risks that can occur in an organization and define preventive mechanism or mitigation strategies. Risks subject an organization to various losses assets through theft, property destruction, or loss of workers. To do this security directors must be able to define feasible preventive measures that will ensure that the organization properties are safe and that workers can operate in a safe environment. The director should also be able to work with other professionals in the organization to define the best preventive measures for cybercrimes. Security directors also need to have administrative skills to be able to accomplish administrative roles. This include assigning security duties and supervising them, defining the security operation procedures, ensure effective management of security resources and equipment and ensure proper security record keeping among other duties (Dempsey, 2010).

Critical Skills

To be able to accomplish protection duties effectively, the security director needs to have a number of skills. One of these skills is the risk assessment skills. A security director needs to be able carry out threat surveys to be able to define a security system that addresses possible security risks that an organization can experience. Directors should also have design skills that will permit them to structure integrated security system which incorporate people, procedures, and equipment. Directors also need to have good management skills. Management skills include having good judgment of the situation, and making the right decision regarding the situation at the times. It also involves having good communication and people skills to be able to investing all possible information before making a decision (The Cccirccuit Magazine, 2018).

Relationship with Internal and External Entities

Security directors need to establish a strong internal and external relationship to meet security operational objectives. This is quite significant to security directors especially in gathering all possible information regarding the security of an organization. Having relation with internal entities permits the security director to have information of what is going on around and outside the organization that may impact the organization security details. It makes it easy to uncover unethical businesses especially those that involve sourcing products from the organization and selling them outside the organization. These internal and external entities act as the directors’ third eye or undercover personnel who report cases that could have been hard to be uncovered by known security officers. External entities such as the police officers can assist in investigation and in prosecuting the caught criminals. These entities can also include some chosen employees in the organization, while external. Others include security officers from other regions who can assist offering security information regarding their region or organization that may be useful in developing a strong security system or taking measures when trading with some groups of individuals in the region (Sennewald, 2003).


In conclusion, there are a few things we always need to remember as the security directors in our organization. We need to remember that we have the main role of protecting the organization assets. To accomplish this we need to accomplish other supportive roles that include investigation, management, administrative, and loss preventive roles. We also need critical skills that include research skills, investigative skills as well as management skills. We also need to have a well-established relationship with both internal and external entities to be able to enhance effective protection of the organization assets.   Relation with internal and external entities can assist in gathering security related information in and outside the organization, and also assist in ensuring criminals are caught and brought to books. If we do this effectively we can easily manage to enhance organization security despite of possible challenges. I hope that this information is useful to all us and I now invite anyone with a question or anything to add.”

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