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Service lines are businesses that have proven to offer great help in the health care by providing specialized services. The orthopedic services need enough space and the current establishment does not have enough space. As such, various options exist, that can be employed in finding a new establishment. The options to be weighed in moving to a new establishment include building, buying space and leasing a building. All of these options have their difficulties. It is therefore crucial to weigh the various options, which are as below.

Advantages of Building Space

Building a space for a new orthopedic line is one of the options. The building costs amount to £600000 without adding the operation capital and the equipment for use. One advantages of building the orthopedic service line it that it will give the hospital ownership of the establishment and is not affected by payment of rent every month or having to be thrown out should they default on payment. A service line is usually specialized to offer various services and having one’s establishment provides an important link to the customers who easily access the facility because it uses its name and its location is definite (Zelman et al., 2009). Building space means that the company can choose how it will use the space to its advantage. It can establish another space adjacent to increase. As a result, the orthopedic service can have more space for improvement when compared to a rented space. Therefore, there are few or no limitations about building a space for one’s facility.

Disadvantage of Building

The high cost of construction amounting to £600000 when compared to buying space especially the building at £575000 and the operation capital at £125000, which is a cheaper option for the service line. The disadvantages of building a new service line are that it would be costly since it is an establishment that needs to be designed in such a way that it suits all people who come into it especially the patient. Building a new establishment may take more time and may face various hurdles and challenges associated with the building like the price of materials, weather among many others. The operations, therefore, have to delay until the whole hospitals are built (Birnbaum & Zimmerman, 2011). As such some doctors attached such a project will not earn anything from that project and have to wait until the project is finished. The doctors will not benefit from the people who need their help, as they will have to wait until the establishment is finished or access other hospitals. The hospitals during the period of a building will, therefore, miss customers and hence the establishment if not completed on time will make the establishment miss the much-needed revenue.

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