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Significance of a Metaparadigm

The main concepts of nursing discipline are nursing, person, health, and environment. The four metaparadigm nursing concepts are more importantly, the individual receiving the nursing care, the health-illness range in which the individual falls at during the interaction period with the nurse, and the nursing activities given to the person or that need to be given to that person. Although the four concept are interrelated, they have different significance in nursing when perceived individually.

To ensure effective nursing care, nursing should perceive persons in a holistic manner. Person concept help me to perceive the physical, psychological, chemical and intellectual components of an individual as a system in a global scale system. This is attained by evaluating the client’s needs which include the basic needs of food, shelter and water, client comfort level which include presence of pain, anxiety or confusion among other psychological and physical needs. This helps me as a nurse to ensure that each patient is satisfied with the care received. Health is important to everyone and it varies with various degree. Health concept demonstrate my duty as a nurse ensure good health to those that I care for. This include duty of educating them and sharing my knowledge on the measures they should take to maintain good health (McEwen & Wills, 2014).

Environment concept helps me as a nurse to understand that individual’s environment can be impacted by socio-cultural interaction, family, and geographical location. In this regard I should be aware of cultural variation when giving care to my patients, and understanding the variation of individual perceptions based on their culture other environmental aspects. Nursing concept reminds me of my general role in offering care to my patient. Nursing is an art and a science of offering healthcare to those who needs it. This concept reminds me of my professional duty to provide effective care to patients based on their needs. It demonstrate the importance of having enough knowledge to ensure effective care for each patient based on personal needs of each person without making mistakes or any failure (Melnyk & Fineout-Overholt, 2011).


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