Special Education Discussion Questions

On the videos you have to look to see if a pop blocker is there to allow access.
Having some trouble answering the following questions. I have attached a PowerPoint and two short videos also. I am having trouble putting into original answers.

After viewing me Chapter 7 Activities assigned videos respond to the following prompts.
1.Explain how emotional and behavioral impairments impact a child’s educational progress.

2.What are the social characteristics of these students? Discuss both internalizing and externalizing behaviors.

3.After watching the Managing Behavior Preschool video, were you exhausted? What behaviors in this video clip illustrate the child’s challenging behavior?

4.Assume you are the teacher of the child in this video clip, and the video clip represents your work with this child today. Based on today’s activities, what would you do differently with the child tomorrow? Provide a rationale for your decisions.

5.Discuss accommodations teachers can make for a child with emotional or behavioral impairments.

6.What are the critical strategies needed to improve learning outcomes for these students?

7.Why is an FBA important for these students?

8.We discuss the behavioral process order as ABC – what is the A? the B? the C?

9.What behaviors have you seen in students during your field experience that makes “teaching” a challenge? How have the teachers handled these behaviors? How have you handled these challenges?

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