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A sport crime is a sport action that is offensive or against the sports set of rules. The offense is punishable by the laws of the offended sport or game. Athletes may engage in crimes such as cheating or doping. Doping over years has been the worst crime in athletics. Doping is the act of using drugs by an athlete before or during a sporting activity in order to enhance the athlete sporting performance.

Marion Jones Thompson a former athlete renown for track and field events and also professional basketball was born in 12, October, 1975. She won three Gold medals as a junior champion from 1997 to 1999. Furthermore, Marion won various Gold medals up to 2000 during the Olympic Games. However, in 2001 claims spread around that Jones was using drugs to bust her performance.

In 2003, Jones married Montgomery who was later banned for two years and charged with doping scandal. Marion Jones doping allegation when she had been accused of doping in high school after winning all competition. When jones ex-husband Hunter was banned he testified that he had seen Marion Jones injecting the steroid into her stomach in Sydney. However, Jones denied the claims but after various tests she was caught in positive tests for steroids. In 2007 she confessed for using the steroid and was sentenced six months imprisonment. Moreover, she was stripped all her titles that she had won after 1999. Additionally, she admitted that she had engaged in check-fraud schemes. As a result of this, Marion Jones was given a two year ban by United StatesAnt-doping Agency. In her book “Life in the First Lane” she blames Hunter for making her name image unworthy in public and this led her to use drugs.


Jones crime of doping is beyond the athletic norms. Each athlete is required to use their bodies in a normal form rather than inducing drugs so that they are stronger than others. The steroid enabled Jones to perform better than her colleague by sprinting faster. It is therefore a selfish act that not only evokes measures of discipline but also damages the athlete’s image in public by destroying once reputation. All athletes should keep off doping as it has side effects to the functioning of their bodies. Charges of doping results to banning and imprisonment. John Ridley states that “if Olympic Games ever served a true altruistic purpose, they have long since outlined it. The pursuit of athletic excellence, sportsmanship and international goodwill is plenty noble. But the modern Olympic are at best a vehicle for agitprop at worst, a scandal.”

Spectator violence is any violent activity or behavior that occurs among the spectator. The violence can be directed at players, spectators or even at the officials. A good example of spectator violence in Kenya is between Gormahia and AFC Leopards teams. In a recent match, an AFC player was given a red card which led the other team’s spectators throwing stones to the other spectators. As a result of this commotion many fans were injured while the stadium as damaged to losses of millions.

In conclusion, spectator’s violence and sporting crimes are actions that lead to social and economic devaluation. Therefore, that should be controlled to ensure healthy sporting activities.

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