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Organizational changes occur as the result of distinct initiatives that enterprises want to pursue for sustainability or for enterprise well-being. Some of the reasons that drive changes are as follows: A new strategy for success is needed, a new division has been created, a new operation has been created, new processes have been implemented, or new information technology (IT) solutions are implemented. Select 1 of the change initiatives that was recently implemented or it is going to be implemented in the Sprint Corporation. Use Sprint’s change initiative such as their deployment of Network Vision which entails upgrading their network to 4G/LTE from CDMA, or another enterprise change or strategy, such as the buy out of Sprint by SoftBank a Japanese Compnay. Develop a governance plan for the transformational change that you selected. Identify the key deliverables in each stage of the change life cycle, and define the metrics and the key performance indicators that are used to measure the success of the change initiative. Use either the Lewin Kurt 3 stage change model or John Kotter’s 8 phase change model. A typical outline for the transformational change governance plan is as follows:

?What is the situation, organization, and context for the change?
?Clearly convey the perspective from which you will be writing the analysis.
?Did you lead the change?
?Were you a participant in the change?
?Are you reporting on information that you received second-hand or through secondary sources?
?If so, what are those sources?
?Analyze the approach taken by the change agent(s), and write separate sections for each of the following:
?The image of the type of change that is held by the change agent(s)
?The culture of the setting that is changing, and the role that culture played in the change
?The diagnosis of the change
?The extent to which the envisioned and actual change was either first or second, order or adaptive, or transformational or tectonic
?The method(s) for implementing change
?The vision for the change
?How the change was communicated
?Evaluate the quality of the change agent’s work based on change models that are discussed in the course.
?You should also evaluate the outcomes process and the outcome perspective. Some change efforts follow good process but do not yield good outcomes, and vice versa.
•Recommendations and conclusions
?Include a list of recommendations suggesting what steps could have been taken to increase the success of the change initiative.


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