stages of evolution in supplier partnerships

Answer the following questions fully and completely.

  1. Describe the seven stages of evolution in supplier partnerships. Which three do you think are most critical, and why? Please provide examples. (Objective 2.1)
  2. if you were CEO for your organization, how would you go about creating and implementing a quality culture? What challenges would you likely encounter, and how do you plan to overcome these roadblocks? (Objective 2.2)
  1. Analyze and assess at least four of the methods described in your text for laying the foundation for a quality culture. Provide examples from your own previous or current employment that either support or contradict these strategies. (Objective 2.2)
  2. Differentiate the processes of identifying external and internal customer needs. Why are both important? (Objective 2.3)
  3. Explain the concept of Quality Function Deployment (QFD), and tell how it relates to customer satisfaction and retention.(Objective 2.3)
  4. Discuss the customer loyalty model, and explain the role of considering profitability in creating customer loyalty. (Objective 2.3)
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