Steps for Concept Analysis – Caring in Nursing

Steps for Concept Analysis

Nursing process is created by a number of concepts that include diversity, comfort, hearing and caring among others. The selected concept to analyze in this case is caring in nursing. The selected concept is end of life care for cancer patient. The purpose of this analysis is that cancer is one of the major health issues affecting the world population today. It involves great pain at almost all stages but the level of pain is quite high during the last stage (Walker & Avant, 2010). Thus, the concept will focus on establishing possibility of more effective end of life care services for cancer patient in their prime stage of their illness and during their last breath.

The concept will be used to better the current form of care provided to the cancer patient during their final stage of their sickness (McEwen & Wills, 2014). The attributed to be defined include cancer, cancer stages, final stage of cancer, and end of life nursing care. The best defined model case for cancer patient care is the concurrent oncology palliative care (COPC). The mode is used to improve quality of end of life care given to the cancer patient. The provided concept will assist in increasing quality of life for cancer patient by reducing the pain related with the disease and its intervention measures. The concept will consider establish the best way to offer a peaceful end of life to cancer patient by reducing the pain they experience during that time. The COPC has been used in different healthcare organizations to manage cancer patient at prime stage of suffering and to enhance their end life. Therefore, it is a proven strategy for effective management for cancer patient during their final stages of life.

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