Steve Jobs Life Review – Choices and Paths in Life are Influential

One of the essential components of human beings is their ability to make choices on different aspects of their lives. Essentially, each decision or path one makes during their lifetime are influential and can be life-changing. Notably, Steve Jobs’ ascendance into one of the richest and prominent business leaders in the world was coupled with good and bad choices/paths that were significant to his life. In this regard, the main reason for choosing Jobs in this project is because his life was characterized by several good and bad choices that people can use to assess their day to day life decisions.

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Life-Changing Decisions That influences The life of Steve Jobs

The life of Steve Jobs into one of the most famous entrepreneurs as well as founder and C.E.O of Apple Inc. can be attributed to several life-changing decisions which include:

  1. Dropping from College to pursue his dream.  It is considered as one of Job’s most important decision during his lifetime. The choice to drop out of Reed College to pursue his dream was essential in his growth to a successful businessman and tech-guru. 
  2. Taking back the reins of Apple. The decision by Jobs to return as CEO of Apple to 1996 after his ouster in 1985 was a life-changing decision to Jobs, Apple, and the world as it led to the invention of modern products like iPhones (Heracleous & Papachroni 77).
  3. Trimming the fat. Before returning to Apple, the company was involved in the manufacture of products, such as Macintosh desktops, laptops, and servers which were not profitable but Jobs was quick to axe more than 70% of Apple’s products for other new ones which resulted in Apple becoming a giant-tech company (Heracleous & Papachroni 77).
  4. Owning up to mistakes. In several instances of his life, Jobs was quick to admit his mistakes as well as the need to learn from them.
  5. Ousting Apple’s board of directors. When he took up Apple’s leadership in 1996, his major decision was ousting the existing directors to enable him to build a new team that would share his dreams (Krapfl & Kruja 33)
  6. Burying the hatchet. One of the life-changing decisions of Jobs was to end his rivalry with other organizations like Microsoft leading to a partnership that played a crucial role in rejuvenating Job’s and Apple’s success (Brown 197).
  7. Surrounding his life with the right people. The decision by Jobs to surround his private and business experience with people like Wozniak who could improve him was influential to his success.
  8. Recruiting John Sculley as CEO of Apple.  The choice by then 29-year-old Jobs, to lure Sculley into Apple was one of his worst decisions (Heracleous & Papachroni 75). Notably, Sculley was one of the people who oversaw the ouster of Jobs from Apple in 1985.
  9. Launching numerous product failures. In his lifetime, Jobs often made decisions to launch new products, some of which were unsuccessful and complete failure but he never gave up or despaired.
  10. Trusting his instincts. One of the best decisions in his life was to trust in his instincts as he attempted to make Apple successful. Job’s rise into a successful person can be attributed to trusting his instincts on when faced with difficult situations.

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Steve Job’s Decisions and Choices that Relate to my Life

Some of Steve Job’s decisions/choices that relate to my life include:

  1. Surrounding his life with the right people. This is the choice in which Jobs decided to associate with positive people. Just like Jobs, I have often noticed that I usually succeed in projects which I undertake in the company of positive-minded friends. Notably, my grades have significantly improved since I started being friends with the right people.
  2. Trusting his instincts. Steve Jobs was a master of trusting his instincts. From this, it is apparent that I need to trust my instincts during my day to day activities to ensure my decisions are life-changing.
  3. Ousting Apple’s board of directors. Just like Jobs ousted Apple’s board of directors, it is clear that I must be willing to make the tough choice of cutting-off unproductive persons from my life to become successful. Over the last few years, I have become a better person by not associating with people who do not share my vision in life.
  4. Owning up to mistakes. Jobs willingness to admit and move over his mistakes helps me understand that I should be bold enough to accept my mistakes and learn from them to avoid repeating the same thing in future.
  5. Launching numerous product failures. Some of Jobs inventions were bad choices that led to massive loss of time and resources. From this, it is clear that I should be willing to gather information and conduct researchers before making a significant decision.

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The day to day activities of human beings are determined by the choices they make in their lives. Notably, the success of people like Steve Jobs can be attributed to their good and bad choices. Some choices like quitting college, trusting his instincts, launching failed products, and owning up to his mistakes were life-changing events in Jobs’ life. From his choices, I have learned on how the importance and influence of the choices I make in my life.

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