Stock Analysis And Buy/Sell Recommendation

Using the skills you learn in the course, analyze a stock of your choosing and make a buy/sell recommendation.I will assist in selecting a stock as needed. The name of your pick will be recorded at the second class. It is not a matter of whether this is a good or bad company from any perspective. The process of analysis is what will determine the grade. Be sure to pick a stock for which there is ample information. Projects will be graded on both content and form.The home work assignment is a chance to create a spreadsheet forecast that will be used in the final report.


Your analysis is must be typewritten double spaced, no longer than 12 pages (not including attachments/appendixes, tables, references, endnotes, etc.), with all names on each page of the paper and the appendices. Appendices should not exceed 10 pages. (The total report should not exceed 20 pages.)The paper will analyze your selected company, project its future earnings, and evaluate its stock as an investment.Future earnings depend on corporate performance, the general economic/political environment specifically related to the stock, the performance of the stock’s sector within the market. The approach is to look at the next three years (year end 2014, 2015, 2016) using the last 3-4 reported years as a base. The extrapolation is based on these reported years plus your analysis of the company and what you expect in the years ahead. Report and analyze what is most critical to the assessment of the company and investment decision. This is a distillation of your study and thoughts.

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