Strategic Mitigation, Response, and Recovery plan – Ohio Flooding

Mitigation is the effort to lessen the effect of impacts before or in the process of their occurrence. The nation and state governments greatly engage in various machinery to battle the various hazards. Hazards especially floods cause large-scale destruction to property that affects people negatively especially if they do not have financial resources to start over again. Therefore, in using various measures to determine the occurrence of the floods and placing early warning systems has helped much to alleviate the impact of floods that will be dealt with in the paper. Mitigation plans should be made to ensure that those who are executing them have an understanding to increase effectiveness of the whole exercise. Floods in the Ohio basin, which is a watershed, have caused untold damage and methods to lessen their impacts are highly welcome. Its overflow most of the time and this had led to the loss of lives from the floodwaters. Saturation of the soil in Ohio during spring and winter contributes greatly from flooding this is sometimes caused by the fact that the soil is frozen. The floods are usually caused by heavy and have from time immemorial led to many losses, as such the rich should be prioritized to reduce damages that have occurred over time and to prevent future occurrences.

Mitigation of risks or hazard is quite important to any locality that has the safety of its people at heart. The various authorities can take actions to mitigate the impacts of the hazards to safeguard the people of the locality. Therefore, in dealing with hazard management, it is imperative that solution is found to the hazards in place. Some of the hazards are manageable while others cannot be managed, but mitigation measures can be applied to reduce human causalities. Tornadoes and some floods are hard to control and usually and people are usually evacuated as a result. Risk assessment helps a lot in finding out on what solutions can be used to manage hazards (Bouma, 2005). The project will help in providing a viable solution that will help the government especially in directing its resources to be used for mitigating flooding.

Steps of Mitigating Risk

Floods are mostly unavoidable and are caused by weather and other factors that cannot be controlled to the extent of preventing the flood from occurring. Various measures can be taken that will lessen the impact of the floods on the people. The people in the affected regions should consider the following in preparing and keeping safe from the floods in Ohio. Flood evacuation plans should be formed to help remove as many people and as much property as possible to reduce greatly the extent of damages that the floods can cause. High-risk areas should, therefore, develop a plan to evacuate and inform the people in those areas on how to prepare for such an evacuation to ensure their safety and that of their families. Since Ohio is, a high-risk flooding area it is important that people be taught to respond quickly to evacuation plans by the authorities. In planning the evacuation plan, the issue of transport should be considered, and the areas of safety determined to help one access them easily. Eth evacuation planning should include various important items like food items, portable chargers, and first aid kits.

Making the house waterproof. People in the flood prone areas should ensure that there that downspouts, gutters, and storm drains are regularly cleaned to prevent blockage or clogging. This will help in draining water quite easily from the house and prevent damages that may arise due to floodwater. Another issue is to ensure that you the pattern of surface runoff on your yard to prevent unnecessary flooding. Landscaping and can make the floodwater surface runoff take place easily and prevent any water from a collection in one place and causing damage to property.

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