Strategic Planning Process Vs Nursing Process

Strategic Planning and the Nursing Process Paper

Write a 500- to 750-word paper in which you compare the strategic planning process with the nursing process.

Identify  the nurse’s role in both processes and describe how nurses can become more involved in strategic planning in informatics.

Include a minimum of three peer-reviewed references, and develop an APA-formatted reference page.

Include APA-formatted citations.

Format the paper following APA guidelines. To clarify:

Include a title page

Include an introduction and a conclusion.

Use section headings in accordance with APA standards for organization.

Cite and reference at least three peer-reviewed articles in the paper.

Develop in-text citations and references according to APA standards.

Reference page must be formatted on APA format.

Note: Formatting, citations and references within your assignment must conform to the standards set forth in the UOP Writing Style Handbook located in the Center for Writing Excellence

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