Strategies to Cope with Pain – Sample Paper


Estimates show that in America alone, over one hundred million people are victims of chronic pain. The definition used is pain that one has to endure for a period of over six months. The pain normally comes with different intensity where at times it can be mild, at times excruciating and at some moments it can get to the extent of incapacitating. What most victims say is that the pain is normally felt in the nervous system and it can at times persist for several months or even take a longer period. The effects of such pain are that it cause a lot of emotional pain on the victims.

Chronic pain does differ from acute pain in that for acute pain; one only gets their sensation triggered by a pain in their nervous system as a way of alerting them that they need to take care of that pain. On the contrary, chronic pain is normally sharp and it keeps on firing within the nervous system for longer period of let us say several months or even years (Institute of Neurological Disorders and stroke).

In some cases, chronic pain may be caused by the victims having suffered some injuries in the past, for example a back injury or even arthritis and cancer. However, there are also other instances when one suffers chronic pain without having undergone any past injuries. What remains for a fact are that most of the times, those who suffer chronic pain are the older ones in the society. That fact may due to the fact that young people are normally active and thus have limited chances of suffering such pain. Some of the most common complaints of chronic pain include back ache, cancer pain or even the pain felt when the nervous system is damaged. Additionally, cancer and low back ache are also part of the larger groups of pains that one might experience.

There are also rare cases when one feels pain without getting injuries on any part of the body, be it internal or external injuries. That kind of pain is referred to as psychogenic pain.

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