Succession Planning and Its Importance to Organizational Vitality

Assignment Instructions – Organizational Development and Benefits

It is important that health care organizations train and mentor potential successors for critical positions. One way organizations do that is through succession planning. Define succession planning, explain its importance to organizational vitality, and discuss the succession planning process.

Sample Solution – Succession Planning

Succession planning is an essential problem in any organization that entails preparing a single, chosen successor for a specific critical position. Succession planning in healthcare industry refers to a structured process of human resources which sets strong leadership transition stages. It entails preparing and identifying a successor in critical positions. Succession planning is a practical approach to guaranteeing leadership continuity at the most critical medical operational level. It ensures that there is no vacuum in the operation process, when professionaland skilled personnel leave the organization (Fallon & McConnell, 2013).

Succession planning process is very important in ensuring that the leaving personnel working in a critical healthcare operational unit is replaced by a person who is equal to the task. This assists in maintaining the high level of performance, without putting life of patients in danger in anyway. The succession planning involves preparing new personnel to replace an outgoing personnel, this process involves training, coaching and mentoring, and development of skill and leadership. This preparation ensures that there will be not operational hitches at any time after the current officer leaves the position. It ensures work efficiency, high level of safety and patient outcome in the specific unit, even after the transition (Fallon & McConnell, 2013).

Succession process involves selecting the right candidate to take over the position. This follows a process that includes coaching and mentoring where the potential candidates are provided encouragement for responsibilities expansion. The selected individual is them provided with leadership development using leadership development programs. Individual performance is constantly assessed during this time to be able to identify individual who can fit well in the anticipated position. The last state is support and internal commitment where transition is carried out with high level of transparency, and support is provided to the newly elected successor (Ellinger et al., 2014).

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