Surveillance System to Address the Unexplained Disease Spike – Assignment Instructions


Select a disease (Pulmonary Tuberculosis – Mycobacterium Tuberculosis) that will be discussed in this course. Your state (California) health director has asked you to create a new surveillance system to address the unexplained spike in your selected Disease (Pulmonary Tuberculosis – Mycobacterium Tuberculosis).

Respond to your state health director with a 5 page action plan that includes the following:

  • A disease that can only be confirmed through laboratory analysis.
  • An outline of the key defining characteristics of a good surveillance system.
  • A description of national and international best practices for the management of the disease. Be sure to address prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.
  • An evaluation of the adequacy of the current (if any) surveillance systems.
  • A description of how you would improve upon the current surveillance system.
  • A description of how your novel surveillance system addresses the inadequacies in the current system.

Use charts and graphs as appropriate.

Your paper MUST conform to APA sixth edition guidelines.

All questions must be direct to the point, professional and thorough.

Answer each question according to bullet points and/or question number.

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