Talent Management Proposal

  1. Develop a Talent Management Proposal to the senior management of a company in the arts industry.
  2. The Talent Management Proposal should clearly state the following:
    • -The impact of the external environment on human resource management in

      South-East Asia region (any 2 countries in SE Asia country)

    • Assessment of the organisation needs, including job analysis of 2 key roles
    • Talent Management Strategy for the organisation which includes:
      • – Manpower planning and recruitment to align with employment law
      • – Overview of a retention strategy for key personnel in the company.
    • In-depth discussion of topic, relevant and accurate with appropriate examples and other supports.
    • Discussion of topic with analysis of both internal and external factors that impact the Human Resource Plan
      • -Trends in human resource in South-East Asia Region
      • -Employment Law impact and compliance
      • -Human Resource Planning Analysis
      • -Organisation requirement vs. talent pool availability
      • -Employees’ motivations vs. retention plan

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