Technological advances in tennis and there impact on coaches

Technological advances in tennis and there impact on coaches

Project description
Is technology a good or bad thing? The use of technology in sport has made a great impact on the way many sports are played and coached. Traditionalists would argue that it takes away from the origins of the sport and loses the human element. while forward thinkers would say that sport has to move with the times and it’s fairer.
Are machines fulfilling too many human roles? As argued recently with tfl their workers not being needed due to the machines at train stations.
The aim of this study is to look specially at the impact a certain new product on the market and its potential effects on tennis coaches working at amateur level.
The item in question is the Babolat Play. This is a tennis racket with a micro chip inside providing the player with stats and info on their shots and then instructions on how to improve and get better results!
I will be looking closely at potential financial and teaching implications on coaches. I will collect evidence from a wide range of sources from players, coaches, industry professionals and Babolat repersentives.

Alot off research must be done in to the Babolat play, there are alot of articles about it. The main question is this new racket going to make club tennis players have less coaching?

there has been questionnaires and focus groups and the general opinion is no it will not replace coaching but please argue the case before coming to that conclusion.

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