Tele Health Technology – NR-451-RN

Tele Health Technology

New technologies have the ability to replace and extend the current administrative and clinical procedures in health. The phrase eHealth is progressively employed to acknowledge that innovation of technology is just an element of a big change process that ideally stands for new means of working, a commitment and an attitude for networked, international thinking to enhance healthcare worldwide, regionally and locally (Khalid et al., 2010). IT technology has basically introduced a number of application software that aid in offering more reliable and safe healthcare among patients of different categories. They have also enhanced sharing of medical information and ease the access of this information. This makes it easy to enhance home care and personal care for patients with known conditions. However, the rate at which the IT technology is growing may soon enhance easy diagnosis of medical conditions and application of easy treatment without the need of a medic. This can be demonstrated by the new application that is being developed by Dr. David Albert (AliveCor, 2015).

The use of IT technology to enhance medical care has been employed in some parts of the United States through tele health policy. Although it will be a bit challenging to convince both patients and some medics of the efficiency of this system, this system will eventually gain people’s confidence. However, this will be after receiving positive feedback from those who will take a risk of trusting them. This is similar to all medical related applications. It will take time for people especially the older generation to trust them. However, they will be eventually be accepted and embraced in the society. With the high spread of use of smartphones, infrastructure may never serve as one of disadvantages. Thus, the future of medical health will highly be determined by the IT technology growth (Khalid et al., 2010).


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