The Great Game of Life (GGOL) Program Assignment Instructions

In a paper (1,000-1,250 words), address the following:

  • What is the objective of the Great Game of Life (GGOL) program?
  • Should Simmons implement the GGOL? Why or why not? Give at least two reasons based on the case study for your position.
  • How did the Charlotte’s Pride video influence your position on the use of GGOL to change Simmons?
  • Assuming the GGOL will be implemented, regardless of your position, what steps would you take to ensure positive results? Include at least three steps and stages of implementation.
  • How might the GGOL program affect the managerial or employee culture of Simmons?
  • How can the emotional elements associated with change be managed and or leveraged? Support your position.
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