Theoretical Framework Developed to Address Nursing and Clinical Informatics

Purpose and Overview 

The purpose of this assignment is to identify and examine a selected nursing or clinical informatics theory. Scholars in the field of nursing and clinical informatics have developed definitions and theoretical frameworks to guide their work based on the ANA standards and scope of practice for nursing informatics. 


  • Identify and select a theoretical framework developed to address nursing and clinical informatics. A few examples of appropriate theories models include, but are not limited to, the following:
    • Graves and Corcoran’s Model
    • Schiwirian’s Model
    • Turley’s Model
    • Data/Information/Knowledge/Wisdom (DIKW) Model
    • Sociotechnical Theory
    • Rogers’s Diffusion of Innovation Theory
    • Lewin’s Change Theory
    • Information Theory
    • General-System Theory
    • Chaos Theory 
  • Develop a 750-1,500 word (4 page) paper, following proper APA format, identifying and examining the nursing informatics theoretical or model framework. Using the study materials listed in the module and outside academic research, include at least three scholarly references and in-text citations.
    • Identify and present a brief professional biography of the author. Identify the major constructs in the theory or model and its relevance and applicability to the nursing profession and health information technology.
Note: Keep in mind that your final paper for this course will be developed using the theoretical framework or model presented in this assignment to demonstrate how it may be applied to a specific nursing informatics issue.
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