Today and the Future

Primary and secondary historical sources are created every day. You have created them yourself and probably haven’t given it much thought. You are living the history that other people will study someday. There are many important issues going on in the United States today that will be studied and dissected in the future. So let’s use our last discussion to think about the questions of the future. Your job on this is the write a discussion question for you great-grandchildren or someone else’s great-grandchildren if you prefer. Here are the guidelines:

  • It is the year 2040 and you are designing a discussion for a group of future students. The students are taking a class calledU.S. History 2000 to the Present.
  • They are in the first part of the class looking at U.S. History in the first part of the 21st century.
  • Your question has to be for a U.S. history course but can have a global connection if you choose, or it can be purely domestic (but is anything purely domestic anymore? – Something to think about).
  • The question has to be about a topic so significant that it will be studied in the future.
  • You cannot use9/11– it is too obvious. Think of something else and try to be creative. Your instructor likescreative.
  • You need to write the question for the students and you need to find several primary resources that they should investigate. Again, try to be creative on what you ask them to do. Look for sources that are diverse and remember what you have learned about studying and thinking critically about sources and that sources can be found in many different places. Find at least seven (7) sources that might be of interest to that student’s research and that you believe will help them address you topic.
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