UMUC IFSM 300 Haircut Case Study Stage2

Customer Appointment Process Model


The stage 2 of the Myra’s UMUC Haircutsbusiness develops from the stage 1 process which entailed the aspects of business introduction and the analysis of the business strategic competitive advantage based on the Porter’s Five Forces Model. The UMUC Haircuts’ stage 2 encompass a strategic level of the business development and growth strategic analysis. This is pegged on the analysis of the business inputs, processing and outputs form the functional requirements for the Myra’s UMUC Haircuts Business’ IT system to improve the process.

The analysis of the inputs, processing and outputs of the Myra’s Haircuts Business is firstly undertaken on the identification of the business or the functional requirements for an information system is the process of developing the high level requirements which establish the scope of the system. This stage depicts an insight scrutiny of the Customer and Employee Scheduling Process for Improvement by use of an IT solution against the high level requirements for the business improvement process. A sharp focus on this business improvement plan is given to the Customer Appointment Process as depicted in this stage 2 of Myra’s Haircuts Business improvement process.

Strategy for competitive advantage: Michael Porter’s Five Forces Model

Business process to improve: Customer Appointment Process

Table of Functional (Business) Requirements

IT System ProcessExample of activityRationale
Inputs to the processThe name of the customer, the sex of the customer, the customer average age (approximated), Date of service, amount paid, and the location of the customer.This business process for the improvement plan of UMUC Haircuts is basically for the identification of the customers’ details in order to develop customers track sheet, and manage their appointments. This customers’ information storage becomes vital in activities management and prioritization within the UMUC Haircuts business.
Processing or actions that the system takesMarking calendar dates, creating phone alerts, notifications and memos.These bunch of business activities helps in keeping up with the outlined schedule. This would specifically outline the particular date and time of operations. Moreover, in case of specialized promotional services or customized services, the notifications and track keeping help as reminders.
Outputs of the processAppointment date, and customer feedback.These improvement processes encompass an inclusive solution seeking. A customer appointment and customer feedback gives a clear avenue on which the customer’s opinion and recommendations are tabled. The business uses this platform to formulate an encounter strategy towards giving the customer a better service ultimately.

The appointment enable a new customer to have a grasp of the benefits one would accrue from being UMUC Haircuts business. Such explanations on a one-time opportunity and important meeting can be done over the phone or in person.


The steps in Customer Appointment Process


(The various Customer Appointment Process Steps)



(Information/data item(s) entered into the system as part of this step)


(Processing or action the system must perform for this step)


(Information/data item(s)/record created, or displayed or printed out for the user in this step)

1.Customers’ acquisition and retention, and information recordingCustomer’s name, address, phone number, location, sex, and approximated age.The system must generate a new methods of customer relations and interpersonal relationships that create customer loyalty and submission. This would entail marketing and even other business promotional initiatives.This would include newspaper ads, billboards and other marketing avenues like social media platforms.
2. Customer follow-up initiatives.Dates and time that a particular customer was contacted. This further entails the name of the personnel who contacted the customers and the details of the interaction.The process that must be undertaken in this process include contacting the customers online (through websites, e-mails, or social media), face to face meetings, and even phone conversations.Action taken on the various customers’ grievances, opinions and advices.
3. Staff resources required for the management of the customer appointmentsThe projected number of customers to book for an appointment at a time and the corresponding staff need to be in their service. Date and venue of the appointments are also stated.Taking records of the customer on an appointment vis a vis the available staffThe number of available staff in service to the customers on an appointment.
4. Time needed for managing the appointmentsTime requirementThe number of customers on an appointment and the appropriate time allocation.The appointment schedule time.
5. An advanced functionality: Online self-scheduling in which customers are able to book their own reservations and appointments at personal convenience, 24 hours a day.Online appointment bookingGiving customers opportunity to secure an online appointment services.Websites and online details for access.
6. Record keeping and reporting capabilities.Details of the potential customersDetails recording and processingCustomer’s details
7. Staying connected with customers.The customers’ frequency of visits


Analyzing the number of times a customer seeks the business services and products.A series of methods to communication to customers.
8. The Process for entering the time needed and the costs for the various styling services.Time and styling services costs.Recording the exact time and the billing of the styling services costs.Operational time and servicing costs.
9. The employee scheduling process: schedule creation, updating and maintenance.Time and duty of a particular employee.Allocating the different employees their respective duty and time of work.Duty schedule.
10. Payment process that collects the customers payments and updates the database accordinglyStyling service rendered against its pay.Billing the different styling services accordingly.Price of a given styling service.


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