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Undertake Project Work

  • Detailed overview of the project

The project work that will be described in this paper involves development of advanced telecommunications system. Telecommunication refers to a form of communication that uses either electromagnetic waves or electrical signals to transfer information to distant places (Caytiles and Park, 2013). The demand for advanced telecommunication systems has been on the rise over the recent past, and organizations are compelled to deploy new services in order to satisfy stakeholders’ needs. The components of the present project are a computer network and the internet. Availability of these networks in the organization will allow quick exchange of information among all stakeholders of the organization.

  • The key goals of the project

The main goal of this project is to allow stakeholders of the organization to communicate quickly regardless of distance. A time has come when organizations are expected to carry out their operations quickly in order to increase their market share. A properly developed telecommunication systems will ensure speedy transfer of information to employees and faster completion of tasks. Another goal of developing an advanced telecommunication system in the organization is to ensure that new policies are communicated to all employees within the shortest time possible. Information sharing is a very important tool in human resource management because it promotes communication of new policies and ideas to all workers (Caytiles and Park, 2013).

  • How the project goals relate to the organization goals

The two project goals mentioned above clearly relate with the goals of the organization. First, when all stakeholders of the organization are able to communicate quickly, the organizational goal of facilitating both external and internal communication is met. Timely communication among stakeholders results into increased productivity, increased sales, and maximum cooperation. Second, an advanced telecommunication system will promote information sharing among teams, which will ensure that all tasks are completed quickly and all deadlines are met. The organization aims at meeting the needs of customers better than its competitors, and this can only be achieved through timely delivery of information (Spaho, 2011).

  • The stakeholders for your project

The stakeholders of this project include the government, the Communications Department, Managers of the organization, Employees, Suppliers, Customers, the general public, financier, Information Technology specialists (project team), and the project manager. The government provides the relevant regulations that govern development of the advanced telecommunication system. The Communications Department authorizes the organization to continue with the project. Managers, employees, suppliers, and customers will give various specifications that must be incorporated into the project to facilitate their communication needs. The general public must be involved in the project to ensure that the new system does not interfere with their operations. The financiers will provide funds for the project while Information Technology specialist will accomplish all tasks related with installation of the advanced telecommunication system. The project manager is responsible for overseeing the whole project.

  • Describe your project scope

The present project will cover installation of a computer network and the internet to allow quick communication within the organization. Computers will be installed in all departments and they will be connected by cables to form a centralized computer network. Additionally, all computers will be connected to the internet to facilitate digital communication. The whole project will entail assessment of the whole organization, making a list of required resources, obtaining funds, purchase of resources, assignment of tasks, and doing the actual work. The project should be completed within a period of 21 days. The project manager will have to ensure that all resources are available before the actual work begins.

  • Budget plan.

The total amount of money that is available to the project is 90,000 United States Dollars. Table 1 below gives a budget plan for the project.

Table 1: Budget Plan



Cost in United States Dollars

Input and output devices (computers and peripherals) 50 computers (with complete peripherals) 15,000
Wires and cables 120 wires and 120 cables 10,000
Telecommunication processors 60 58,000
Control software 5 4,000
Protocol selection 40
Labor costs 1,000
Miscellaneous 1,996
TOTAL 90,000
  • The steps or tasks required to implement the project and a Roles and Responsibilities Matrix.

Below is a list of tasks that must be implemented for the project to be completed and the person responsible for each task.

Task 1: Assessment of the organization and preparing a list of resources-Project manager

Task 2: Provision of funds-Financiers

Task 3: Purchase of resources-Project Manager

Task 4: Assignment of tasks-Project Manager

Task 5: Installation of telecommunication hardware and software-Project team

Task 6: System test-Project Manager

Task 7: Handing over the project to the organization-Project Manager

Table 2: Roles and Responsibilities Matrix




The role of the Project Manager is to develop the project charter, in conjunction with the financier. Additionally, the Project Manager ensures timely completion of the project. ·     Coordinate project team

·     Design and maintain a detailed project plan.

·     Purchase all the necessary resource

·     Handing over the project to the organization

Financier The role of the financier is to ensure that the funds required for the project are available ·     Deliver the required amount of money on time
Information Technology Specialists or the Project Team The role of the project team is to ensure that all tasks are perfectly completed and within the set timeline ·     Perform all activities while paying attention to quality.
  • A resource acquisition plan showing what resources are required and where/how they will be sourced

For the project to be effectively implemented, a number of resources must be purchased. These resources include computers and their peripherals, wires and cables, telecommunication processors, control software, and human resources. All these resources will be acquired through outsourcing, whereby, the organization will allow an external vendor to work on the project on a contractual basis. By outsourcing, the organization will be able to get access to skilled expertise, have a project team that focuses on core activities, cut on cost, and complete the project on time. The external vendor will purchase all the resources and provide skilled expertise to work on the project (Belcourt, 2006).

  • Project Timeline

The total time period that the project should take is 21 days. The seven tasks that should be implemented must be completed within this time frame. The project activities and their duration are as shown in table 3 and on the Gantt chart in figure 1 below

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