Use of fossil fuels Vs Alternative energy resources

Fossil fuel act as the major source of energy in the world. Fossil fuel refers to hydrocarbons natural gas or fuel oil, and primary coal created from dead animals and plants remains. Fossil fuel has served in the generation of the electricity, they also serves in running manufacturing and agricultural industries, residential use, and in the transport industry among other places. Fossil fuel is associated with major air pollution especially due to the release of carbon dioxide after combustion. Although the world is fighting to introduce more renewable energy, their level of energy supply is still too low to be depended on. These other sources include wind, and solar energy. The only major source that has been discovered which would replace the fossil fuel is nuclear energy which is considered to be more dangerous since it involves the use of radioactive materials. This makes fossil oil to retain its popularity despite of its disadvantages (Viaspace, 2015).

Renewable energy has an advantage of a long life since it can be reused. In addition they normally provide clean energy without causing any form of pollution. However, this energy is limited. For instance, the wind intensity varies from time to time. Similarly solar intensity do vary and thus they are not 100% reliable. Nonrenewable resources on the other had can be found in plenty for a short period of time after which they will deplete. Thus, they can only be depended on only during that time they are available (Williams, 2015).

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