How To Use an Integrated Campaign to Reach Target Audience?

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Create a 12-18 month communication strategy for your client. You may use a communication strategy template, or you can create your own.   the subject is;
Health Spa Launching a new weight loss treatment
 And this part is a research on  How you will use an integrated campaign to reach your Target Audience?

Communication Strategy

An integrated campaign is one which uses multiple, credible platforms to ensure that their messages reach the target audience. This is a reasonable approach for the Health Spa that is just about to launch a new weight loss treatment, as it will ensure that more people get the message. Using this approach, however, is not just as simple as picking any different platforms. It should be used carefully to ensure that the best options are made.

The first step to take to ensure the target audience is reached, is to determine who the target audience is. By doing so, their attitudes, interests and behaviors are identified, hence it will be easier to come up with a key message that will indeed apply to them (Romaniuk, Beal & Uncles, 2013). Identifying the target audience will also enable the effective choice of platform to be used. Not every target audience are on Facebook, just as not all read the newspaper. However, by identifying their characteristics it will be simpler to determine which channel will reach them effectively.

Second, to ensure the same message reaches the target audience through various platforms, it is important to maintain consistency, in terms of looks and sounds. This means that when a target customer reads about the product on the newspaper, and later finds the same on the internet, the result is that he will know instantly that it is from the same company with the same product (Romaniuk, Beal & Uncles, 2013).

In conclusion, the major factors that will ensure the integrated campaign successfully reaches the target market involves knowing the exact characteristics of the targets, and ensuring that the message is consistent to avoid confusion.

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