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Over the years the company has seen significant growth and especially due to the input of technology in all departments of the organization. Following this, there has been ongoing restructuring of the company to improve its image, productivity and competition. This has resulted into a need for changes in old technology replacing it with newer and efficient ones that will power up our force in competition and especially in productivity. Apart from all the other adjustments that have been made, after evaluation of performance and need, the organization has decided to supplement our budged by adding 50 all-in-one desktops in it. I am tasked with determining the best vendor for the organization after considering all the requirements that are important to be met.

The desktops and their requirements

The computers according to the work that they were going to be used for, they required to be of very high quality. The first thing considered was their size. This was due to a need for reduction of space occupied since the company needed to create more space. They needed computers that would have all components as a one unit and that is why they opted for all-in-ones. Space was not all – there are a few factors to be considered. The four main requirements that the computers had to meet are:

Quality display. The computers had to be of a high quality design resolution. The display had to be of great if not perfect quality. The designs, images, videos and presentation to be presented were of high quality. To ensure better presentation the screens had to have a high definition.  It had to have higher pixels.

Speed. Depending on the nature o work. Speed is also very vital. The recommendations were that the vendor chosen be able to provide desktops with high processing speed. This was due to the programs like CAD software and Test applications that required high speed processing capabilities.

High memory. The computers had to have high memory capacity. The computers would hold two operating systems. Preferably, the most recent versions of Windows and Linux operating systems. The data is also expected to be huge in amount and programs in plenty including programs like Microsoft office.

Cost. The last of the things to be considered was cost. The acquisition of computers was a budget supplement. Despite the need and everything cost is a very important determinant. It had to be well relative to the other main factors in consideration.

The vendors

After consultations and recommendation from interested members of the organization the possible manufacturers were listed. The tenders presented were remarkably of good quality. Most of the manufacturers who had tendered for the supply of the all-in-one desktops had appealing computers. After thorough consideration of the potential suppliers, the number was narrowed down to four. The companies (computers) left to choose from were. Dell, Lenovo, HP and Apple. My responsibility was to go through their specifications and determine or recommend the best according to their performance against our requirements and budget. My work was to get every specification of each desktop and compare it against the rest the choose one that was right for our budget.

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Dell had the Dell XPS 27 all-in-one desktop. It presented to the table a 2560 x 1440 display. The computer was powered by a 4th generation processor with a speed of 2.9 GHz. It had a storage of 1 TB and RAM memory of 8 GB. The quoted price for this machine was $1,599.00. Apple iMac price was $1,899.00. It’s screen display resolution was 1920 x 1080 a 4th Gen CPU of 2.7 GHz speed. It had 1 TB storage and 8 GB Random Access Memory. HP’s HP Sprout had a remarkably higher cost at $2,079.00. it also had a resolution of 1920 x 1080 powered by a more powerful 4th Gen 3.2 GHz CPU speed. Its RAM memory at 8 GB and 1 TB of data storage HDD. The attractive Lenovo (Lenovo A740) brought a speed of 2.8 GHz 4th Gen processor and a higher resolution of 2650 x 1440. Its RAM was 8 GB as the rest and it had a $1,599.00 quote just like the Dell. All these computers were perfect for the budget but I had to choose one. A vendor evaluation benchmark was very vital in choosing the best vendor (see Excel Vendor Evaluation.Xlsx Figure 1 for the table representing the Computer’s specifications and figure to for the VEB).

DesktopDisplayRAM GBCPU GHzStorage TBPrice $
Dell2560 x 144082.911,599.00
Apple1920 x 108082.711,899.00
HP1920 x 108083.212,079.00
Lenovo2650 x 144082.811,599.00
Vendor Evaluation Benchmark
DesktopApple iMacDell XPS 27Lenovo A740HP Sprout
Display quality4030404030
RAM Amount3030303030
CPU Speed5042.245.343.850
Storage Capacity1010101010

The four important requirements were weighed or rather considered and rated according to their need and importance derived from the work they we to be used for. The four qualities were valued according to need and with the most crucial requirement being used as the gauge against which the others were weighted. The crucial most vital requirement for the desktops to meet was given a weight of 50 and the least consideration a weight of 10. CPU performance was is the most important element of a desktop and so it was used. CPU speed was given a weight of 50, RAM 30, storage 10 and Display 40 as it was the second in level of importance. Price was also vital to consider so it got 20.

The computers that the vendors were to bring were evaluated and rated against their respective weights. A very simple formulae and technique was used to get the values. The computer with the highest speed, for example, was considered to have reached the weight for that category. For instance, HP had 3.2 speed which was higher than the rest, it was awarded 50 points as speed was weighted at 50 and the rest calculated against HP for speed. The basic question was if 3.2 got 50 what would 2.7 get. The simple calculation was 2.7 multiplied by 50 then divide by 3.2 which would equal 42.2 as applies to Apple iMac.


From the evaluation Dell got the most points with 145.3. Lenovo followed with 143.8 with HP having 135.4 and Apple was last with 129 points of weight. Dell was the successful manufacturer to be taken as the vendor because the Dell XPS 27 not only had a higher processing capability but also supplemented it with a better display. To top it all they had the all-in-one desktop go for a fair price considering other manufacturers considered.

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