Victims of Traumatic Events – Police Fitness Report With Recommendations

Victims of Traumatic Events


A traumatic event is an unexpected and sudden occurrence which causes intense fear and might involve physical harm threat or actual physical harm. A traumatic experience might contain a profound impact on the mental and physical health of an individual. This can be as result of being directly involved in traumatic event or witnessing the traumatic effect on friends, relatives or any other individual. There are a number of mental conditions that can develop as a result of traumatic effect. Among all, post-traumatic stress disorder is one of the most common traumatic mental conditions that can develop among soldiers, police officer and other veteran officers. This paper will focus on analyzing PTSD and other traumatic condition in human life.

Important of Fitness in Police Field

Police officers are normally involved in dangerous mission that demand that they may be of best of their health to avoid being fatally injured, murdered or subjecting their troupe members to be subjected to any of this dangers. Basically, police mission are never predictable and anything can happen. In this regard, the officers should be in a position to make quick assessment and to apply intelligent and safe moves to ensure successful mission. They are also required to face any mission with courage and positive might to ensure victory. In this case scenario, the two officers were involved in cracking down dangerous gangs smuggling drugs or weapon and thus, they were fully subjected into great danger of even losing their life if any mistake was committed. In this regard, mental health was necessary for the two officers to ensure only right measures were taken during the operation.

Partner’s Reaction in the Scenario

The partner’s reaction in the scenario signifies a great deal of mental health issues. The officer was reacting over any sign of danger. This was demonstrated his reaction after hearing a car crash bang. He was also becoming very fearful and could literally hind not to take place in any dangerous mission that would endanger his life. This can be demonstrated by his reaction when the officers were trying to gun down suspects who tried to shoot back. He also tried to avoid dangerous mission by acting sick. He also considered asking for backup where it was not necessary instead of assisting his collogue to handle a single criminal. All this demonstrate the trauma effect on this particular officer.

PTSD Symptoms

PTSD is an anxiety mental disorder which might develop after a person is exposed to traumatic events. It is characterized by a number of symptoms that include re-experiencing or reliving the event with symptoms such as psychological distress, flashbacks, intrusive thoughts, and nightmares. The second characteristic is avoidance where individual avoids the traumatic events reminders that include conversations, places, people, emotions and thoughts that would initiates the memories. This was one of the officer’s symptoms when he tried to avoid duties with sickness excuse. Emotional numbness is another characteristic of PTSD where the officer feels emotionally numb, estrangement or detached, reduced emotional experience and disinterested with enjoyable activities. Arousal signs are also common with symptoms that include difficulty sleeping, irritability or anger as well as other arousal symptoms such as being always on guard, easily startled or feeling jumpy, and difficult concentrating. Being on guard is another symptom demonstrated in officer’s symptoms and thus demonstrating signs of PTSD (Maguen, 2008).

Action to be taken on the Officer

He officer is surely suffering from PTSD. In this regard, the officer should be taken through PTSD therapeutic measures which include counseling where the officer will be assisted in identifying irrational and distorted thoughts and replacing them with balanced thoughts. The officer will also undergo medication based on the medics or psychologist advice where mostly antidepressants are given. He will also be advised on personal measures he should take to overcome the condition such as physical exercises, taking part in social events, rest, plenty of sleep and good diet among others (Maguen, 2008).

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