Whenever you write something, it is important to keep in mind who your audience is.

Whenever you write something, it is important to keep in mind who your audience is. Choose two of the assignments (assignments) you composed during this class and discuss how you dealt with the issue of audience as you wrote the assignments. For each assignment, who was your audience? How did selecting (or not selecting) an audience affect how you wrote your assignments?

Technology changes continue to have an influence on the lives of people on a day-to –day basis. The mobile phone plays a very significant role in the lives of many people. Research indicates that more and more people/teens continue to rely on texting as a way of communication. Text messaging is a way of sending messages by using a mobile phone. The mobile phone has characters that allow a person to convey the message he/she wants. The way text messaging continues to change affects the way teens communicate. Mobile telephone companies continue to provide cheap rates in terms of mobile communication. They offer plans that allow unlimited texting at a very low price. The increased use of text messaging has made the mobile phone manufacturers to manufacture phones that have QWERTY types of keyboards that allow easy texting. New products like Apple iPhones and iPads continue to offer platforms for people to text.
Survey conducted in America showed that monthly, over 179 billion texts are sent. It means that an average America teenager receives 80 text messages in a day. Texting is important in sending short messages to people. It allows inexpensive and easy communication. People communicate well texting in all places both when in noisy conditions and silent places like boardroom meeting.  The teens like texting because it can allow them to multitask unlike conversation that will make them stop whatever they are doing to engage in the conversation. With texting a teenager does not have to sit down and listen to a long lecture, texting helps them reduce boredom.

Various risks come with texting. The major problem in the United States that arises because of texting is vehicle accidents that happen because of texting. Over 13% of the drivers that arein accidents range between the age of 16 and 22. Most of these accidents the teens admit that the accident happened while they were texting or playing with their phone. The teenagers of the current age need constant communication via texting whether they are behind the wheel or sleeping. The repetitive stress on one part of the body has led teens to have tendonitis because of excessive texting.
Texting affects the quality of sleep people get. Texting in bed before sleeping reduces the amount of sleep that many teens get. Most teens feel anxious if they are not aware what is happening in their social life. Texting leads to poor quality sleep that is not even enough. Texting can lead to developmental issues. Increased texting has even made verbal communication between people in a family very difficult. The reason for this is that teens want to be in constant communication with their friends. They send the texts frequently and cannot engage in anything productive while at home. Texting has robbed teens of the relaxation because they can no longer go five minutes without checking their phone.
Texting greatly affects the performance of teenagers in the universities. They do not concentration on studying/homework because they are using toomuch of their time texting. Texting affects the way teenagers communicate. There is too much use of short cuts and acronyms. Texting affects the communication skills of teenagers. Teenagers now use short messaging that is not grammatical. It has made the teenagers loose communication skills and etiquette. Personal communication is now choppy and less natural. It turns their writing into coded messaging so when it comes to normal writing they are at a lose for words.
The use of technology has the positive and the negative aspects. The users should consider the good that comes with a technology and use it in moderation. Texting has come and it is here to stay. Teenagers should learn to use it for their benefit.

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