Wolverine Software Inc. Marketing Plan Example

Wolverine Software Inc. Marketing Plan

Product Statement

Wolverine software Inc. is a mid-sized corporation in the first year of its being with a new ownership and administrative team. It’s currently operating a private entity. The company is currently producing workforce management software that is used for specifically tracking projects and employees, with almost 1000 clients in every organization imaginable. The business is not stable and it keeps on fluctuating due to decline and growth of the economy since one of the major profit margins for the company is a SaaS i.e. Software as a service design in providing the software.


Contextual Analysis

The SaaS is put on the company’s sever and clients are charged on monthly basis depending with the number of employees accessing the system. A major challenge experienced by the company is how to increase stand-alone installations to help avoid fluctuations in cash flow, which could be attained through selling the software outright to clients and charging a license fee for the number of employees registered in the system. To improve the strategic analysis and marketing plan for the company, a comprehensive SWOT analysis was conducted. This detailed plan will basically focus on a strategy to enhance the company and find means to advance relationships with present clients, upgrade the software version to further better manage the needs of the target market and benefit from the newer technology opportunity.

Environment Analysis

From an environmental analysis, an entrepreneur software programmer that had a good idea to bring it to life invented Wolverine Software in the year 1996. He decided to move to something else after sixteen years elapsing and sold the business to the current leadership. The software possess distinct status in the market place as one of the first to offer a SaaS model for clients that may have the required infrastructure to support installed software in their environments.  The program in particular tracks employees by use of time clock software, collects and calculates hours based on the complex business rules specific to every client and also possess direct exporting functions so that the data gathered and calculated can be used to process paychecks for the employees.

Customer Analysis

To know how better to reach out to new clients, and to better understand their motivating factors in the search for new time and attendance software, Wolverine needs to conduct current customer surveys and market research to establish benchmarks, that will help find their strengths as perceived by clients (Eisenberg&Eisenberg, 2006). The focus should be on customers and their continued satisfaction and loyalty and to do that the company needs to stay abreast of the needs of current and future clients (Mittal&Frennea, 2010).

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