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Essays are dreaded the world over. The mere mention of this term conjures up thoughts of complex literary works akin to Alexander Pope's An Essay on Man or Thomas Malthus's An Essay on the Principle of Population known for their sophistication. Nonetheless, it is integral to better understand essay writing as an inescapable part of formal education that one inadvertently encounters. In definition, an essay refers to a piece of literary writing crafted by an author to present their point of view. Often, they are subjective and seek to offer a unique argument with the appropriate supporting documents to bolster the claim presented. Essays come in many different forms; recollections, literary criticisms, reflections or even political manifestos. The reason why most individuals fear essay is its use as a pedagogical tool when pursuing formal education. It is now typical for students in secondary or even tertiary levels of education to encounter essays at some point during their stint in these institutions. In most cases, students are usually at pains when it comes to producing structured essays due to the high level of mastery and research that is required.

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