Websites and Apps Offering Freelancing Opportunities in The World 2022

The most popular way of earning a living today and in our current situation is online. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic one of the most Googled phrases was “How to make money online.” This is with good reason. A lot of young people find it hard to land employment immediately after they graduate from high school with their GED or even from college with a bachelor’s degree.

Also, in our current situation where the pandemic has negatively affected our lives, it is hard to get a job. Globally, millions of people have lost employment as others have lost businesses.  Nevertheless, life has to go on. Freelancing has become one of the biggest employment avenues. Not only is it a way to make a living, but people are also using it to earn extra money to try and lessen the harshness of the battered economy. 

Freelancing usually involves using one’s skills to complete tasks for others. Most times it is remotely and rarely, it is tasks done physically.  Also, working on freelancing platforms allows one flexibility to pursue other forms of work and also does not constrain one to a 9-5 desk job.

Requirements To Be A Freelancer

The requirements to start freelancing on online platforms and apps are simple and the list below highlights a starter pack. 

  • A skill or skills that can be useful to others. A good example of a skill set that has much success online is graphic design which is popular for freelancers. Some tasks like being a virtual personal assistant simply require proficiency in grammar. Knowledge and fluency in foreign languages also add give an advantage as it increases the scope of your clientele. 
  • Access to a computer and working internet. Most jobs or tasks will require you to work and deliver the tasks online. A phone might work but a computer is recommended on most platforms as it can complete even the more complex tasks.
  • Identity documents and credentials. As much as freelancing platforms will allow almost everyone to sign up and start working, having credible documents has proven to give you an advantage.

With that, below is an analysis of the best freelancing websites and apps as of August 2021.



This US-based platform was known as Elance-oDesk before rebranding in 2015. It hosts over 18 million registered freelancers and 5 million registered clients. On average Upwork posts over 3 million jobs and transactions of over $1 billion. 

Clients can vet, hire and pay freelancers on the platform. Both parties can also give reviews of each other which serves as references to other users. The platform has categorized various jobs which makes the user experience splendid. It has applications for all devices and one can also work using its website, Almost every profession can be found on Upwork and with 5 million registered clients it is very likely for one to find work.


Fiverr is an Israeli freelance, online marketplace and one of the biggest freelancing platforms. Launched in 2010 also registers users as buyers and sellers of various commodities and services. Pricing of tasks on the platform, which is termed gigs starts at $5. It 

Fiverr Gigs range from one-off jobs to gigs that are contractual and lasting for long periods. Jobs most popular are graphic design, digital marketing, writing and translation, programming and tech, music and audio. It is popular among users outside the US. 

In early 2020, Fiverr reported $107.1 million in revenue. It has also been seeing an ascension in growth since its inception which is a good sign for anyone wanting to start freelancing.

Guru is a platform that assists companies to find freelancers. The platform operates on the principle that companies may require particular skill sets but for limited amounts of time thus it provides them with the chance to seek freelancers and hire them on short-term contracts. has over 3 million verified freelancers.

Also, the platform which was launched in San Francisco in 1999, launched its SmartMatch technology which matches the credentials of applicants for jobs. This platform is popular among high-tech workers such as developers. It is known for its flexibility where payment is concerned.


Freelancer is a general freelance platform. All sorts of jobs have been registered on the platform. The site boasts of having bigshot users such as Microsoft and the aircraft production giant, Boeing. Freelancer has over 1800 job categories and is simple to sign-up for. Their principle seems to be connecting small businesses and talents to potential employers. 

Freelancers sign-up and upload samples of their previous jobs then they begin bidding for the various posted jobs. Selected freelancers then negotiate terms and the process continues to completion. Freelancer boasts of over 54 million employers which make the site one of the easiest to find work as a freelancer.

People Per Hour is a UK-based freelancing platform. It is popular among small businesses and start-ups looking for freelancers to carry out particular projects and or tasks on short-term contracts. 

They use a “talent cloud”, where freelancers upload their samples and previously completed work. The platform is the most popular freelance site in Europe. This means that a freelancer outside Europe with knowledge is languages popular in the region could have an advantage. Currently, it is estimated to have transacted over $200 million from the over 1 million jobs posted on the platform. 

Honorable Mentions


This platform deals with top-tier (3%) of the best freelancers in fields such as web design, project managers, data analysts, and finance experts.


Matches freelancers to jobs. For the platforms above, one common problem has been incorrectly matching jobs which have resulted in low reviews for the freelancers and the platforms. Aquent focuses more on correct matches for better results for all parties.


The platform focuses on flexibility for both on-site and remote freelance jobs. It conducts scrupulous vetting to eliminate the possibility of scams.

Freelancing is proving to be a lucrative industry due to its flexibility. It is also becoming a top earner with an example of India which is expecting to make between $20-30 Billion by 2027 from freelancing. With all these freelancing platforms available it wouldn’t hurt to try adding your revenue stream or getting that dream job.

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