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  • Oppression In The United States Education System And How It Affects The Hispanic Community

    Oppression In The United States Education System And How It Affects The Hispanic Community Introduction Among all other countries that are members of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the United States is the highest spender in matters education. The general expectation would be that these funds would then translate to an improved […]

  • Social Media, A Societal Trend Affecting Patient Education

    Over the past five decades, numerous rapid technological changes have been recorded globally and currently impact nearly all spheres of modern life. In particular, the introduction of the internet and related services is among one of the most notable changes witnessed today. According to Carroll, Bruno & Vontschudi (2015), the internet has greatly transformed the […]

  • Early American Approach to Education and Today’s educational Challenges

    America’s education system has a considerably complex and rich history. Since the colonial era, education has been at the center of the nation’s social progress. During the colonial period (1620-1770), education was the core of education. During the common school era (1770-1890), the education system’s primary focus was uniform education for all people regardless of […]

  • Women’s Use Of Education Between 1800 And 1860

    Attaining a decent education is important for all members of the society and especially for women who have been denied both or either one of these opportunities for the greater part of history. A woman’s achievements resulting from the utilization of the knowledge and wisdom provided by quality education have the capacity to ripple across […]

  • Teaching Resource for Inclusive Education – EDMAS 6025

    EDMAS 6025 – Understanding and Supporting Young People In this task you are to create a resource that demonstrates your understanding of inclusive education.  It will demonstrate the theoretical and legislative elements of inclusion, and build on these to identify pedagogical approaches, practical strategies and resources to move towards inclusion in education.  It also incorporates […]

  • Disease Control and Education Plan – HIV

    Human immunodeficiency virus infection and acquired immune deficiency syndrome (HIV/AIDS) represent one of the most prevalent contagions in recent history.  AIDS is a condition occasioned by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) which proceeds to weaken the immune system, resulting in the development of a myriad of opportunistic infections. HIV is transmitted chiefly during unprotected sexual contact, […]

  • Past Present and Future Trends of Master’s Education in Nursing – Article Critique

    Gerard, S. O., Kazer, M. W., Babington, L., & Quell, T. T. (2014). Past, present, and future trends of master’s education in nursing. Journal of Professional Nursing, 30(4), 326-332 The main focus of the article is that there was need to revise master’s education in nursing in order to give the students the needed expertise in the […]

  • Persuasion Campaign for Online Education

    The growth in economy of the United States has coincided with an increase in demand for education. Although some sectors of economy have been affected by recession and harsh economic times, education continues to witness unprecedented growth. However, learning opportunities of American students have historically been shown to be shaped by factors beyond their control. […]

  • Levels of Education for the Registered Nurse

    The level of expertise for a registered nurse is critical for quality patient care (McHugh & Lake, 2010). As the population of the United States becomes increasingly old, there is need for nurses to be prepared for the numerous challenges in the healthcare setting. There are different levels of education for a registered nurse in […]

  • My Ideal Educational System Based on Classical Thinking

    This paper presents a discussion on an ideal educational system based on classical thinking. In the present times, it has become significantly essential for every person in the society to access education in order to be safe and lead a prosperous life. It is upon education that people develop their intelligence and characters. Therefore, an […]