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  • Impact of Globalization on Women in India

    Globalization and Women Globalization is an uneven process; it creates pockets of wealth and sites of violence in various parts of the globe. In the past two decades, globalization has significantly impacted women in developing nations. Forces unleashed by globalization have lifted some of the obstacles to gender equality leading to developing nations experiencing an enormous […]

  • A Reaction Paper on the Film Miss Representation

    The Film Miss Representation By Jennifer Siebel The documentary “Miss Representation” (2011) investigates how limiting images of women and girls in the American media affect the personality and emotional wellbeing of girls and women while also contributing to the devaluation of females as a whole in modern culture. Women in America are underrepresented in influential […]

  • Women’s Roles in Science – Research Paper

    From medieval times, women have played considerable scientific roles. Diverse historians with research interests in science along with gender focus on women’s scientific attainments and endeavors. As well, the historians concentrate on the challenges faced by women in pursuing the endeavors. The sociological, critical, as well as historical, consideration of the challenges is now an […]

  • Beyonce For Women in Western Music

    Beyonce Knowles is among the most famous African American artists of the 21st century. Her performances are iconic, and her albums have earned numerous awards. In 2001, Beyonce made her first Grammy stage debut with the “Destiny’s Child” at the 43rd Grammys. She is the most-nominated female artist in the history of Grammy with a […]

  • Women Role in the French Revolution and Art

    The role of women in the French revolution and how art reflected that at the time The French revolution marked an upheaval of the political, social and economic scenario for France. Before the revolution, France was in high debt and attempted to restore the financial crisis through regressive methods that forced the poor to work […]

  • Violence against Women – The wife of Bath’s Tale, The Clerk’s tale, The Rape of Lucrese, Wuthering heights and The Penelopiad

    The aim of this paper is to provide insight in to the gender based differences in status and power that exist between men and women and how these differences influences the susceptibility of women to acts of violence with specific reference to the primary sources; The wife of Bath’s tale, The Clerk’s tale (From The […]

  • Women’s Use Of Education Between 1800 And 1860

    Attaining a decent education is important for all members of the society and especially for women who have been denied both or either one of these opportunities for the greater part of history. A woman’s achievements resulting from the utilization of the knowledge and wisdom provided by quality education have the capacity to ripple across […]

  • Women’s issues Coverage in Media

    The media is among the most influential sources of information, opinions, and new ideas, for most individuals worldwide. What is covered in the news, what is not covered, who is mentioned, what is disregarded, and how events and people are portrayed in the news media matter a lot. A study by Collins highlights that women’s […]

  • Mistrust in The Justice System Among Women And Children

    The criminal justice system was created to deliver justice to the public by punishing and convicting the guilty and assisting them to stop offending while safeguarding the innocent.  The basic purpose of the justice system is to deliver a fair, efficient, accountable, and effective process of justice for the public. Held as the final say […]

  • Getting Women the Right to Vote

    For many years, women were not allowed to take part in elections in the United States. The disenfranchising of women from voting took root over many centuries. This practice was common even beyond the United States, with many countries recording of history of times when women were banned from participating in democratic elections. The history […]