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  • The Supply Chain Map

    Marketing is very vital in every business especially when introducing a new product in the market. It is communicating the worth of an item, service or a make to the consumers for an intention of endorsing or advertising that item, service or a make to the market (Blanchard, 2010). Marketing promotes teamwork amid buyers and […]

  • Managing Known and Unknown Supply Chain Risks

    Unforeseen supply chain vulnerabilities and disruptions have adverse impacts on all parties across the supply chain by altering the flow of commodities. A key reason for the disruptions and vulnerabilities is the lack of a robust framework to identify and efficiently manage supply chain risks. Without a robust risk management model, risk awareness and response […]

  • Toyota Supply Chain Challenges in Post-Earthquake Japan

    Introduction Japan has for a long time been known as the major source of the automotive product in the world. It holds four major automotive manufacturing plants in the world. These companies include Toyota, Mazda, Nissan and Honda. In this regard, the March 2011 earthquake that took place in Japan affected the world automotive industry […]

  • Amazon Supply Chain Management Analysis

    Effective supply chain management is the backbone of every successful e-commerce business. It refers to all the interlinked processes that are required to manufacture and deliver products to consumers. It involves the development of an integrated system to manage procurement, coordination and scheduling. Furthermore, effective supply chain management requires that all procurement, production, deliveries and […]

  • Dell’s Supply Chain

    Why Dell’s supply chain strategy is successful Back in the 1990s, Dell became one of the leading companies to use its supply chain management efficiently. This was based on its direct model, which translated the make-to-stock idea to make-to-order strategy (Blanchard, 2012). This strategy assisted the company in reducing its cycle times to the level […]

  • Why Would A Company Outsource Parts Of Its Supply Chain?

    Question Why would a company outsource parts of its supply chain? Explain the value of this practice and why so many companies use it today. What are some operational challenges that outsourcing can present? Sample Answer A company may outsource parts of its supply chain to reduce its operational costs by reducing the amount of […]

  • Supply Chain Management of Samsung

    Introduction Samsung, one of the lead providers of digital convergence and digital media. Samsung employs great operations management to actualize their philosophy of devoting talent and technology to create superior products and services which can contribute to a better global society. Creation of the highest levels of efficiency in an organization is enabled by Operations […]

  • Supply Chain Design – Warehouse Operations in Australia

    Strategic Warehouse Management, Inc. (SWM) is a U.S. based warehousing organization in the construction and management of warehouse operations. The CEO’s market development team has determined that there is an opportunity to open a warehouse in Australia that could serve multiple businesses. The CEO plans to open a “non-resident company” (Land and Tax News, 2012). […]

  • Metrics We Wish We Had – Supply Chain Management

    This paper explains the key metrics that most companies use in the management of supply chain. It is essential to note that management of supply chain requires the managing of multifaceted dependence between groups, sectors and companies that have partnerships across global boundaries; therefore it is seen as an expected zone for metrics. There are […]

  • Challenges affecting the growing marketing supply chain management of coffee from Yemen to the UK

    Title Challenges affecting the growing marketing supply chain management of coffee from Yemen to the UK. Research question What are the major hurdles in the growing marketing supply chain management of coffee from Yemen to the United Kingdom? Main aim Based on the above title, this proposal aims to highlight the major difficulties affecting the […]