Healthy Maintenance Plan for Different Developmental Groups

 A healthy Maintenance plan refers to an inclusive healthy record that archives individual state of healthy, relevant reveals, schedules for future treatment or assessment and to identify healthy requirements. Healthy maintenance plan is a whole-of-community approach to well-being and healthy centered on the prevalence and requirements of the communities, individual, and families. It addresses the wider healthy determinants and focus on the inclusive and interrelated factors of mental, physical, wellbeing and social healthy. It offers entire person care for healthy requirement in the entire individual’s life span, not only for a set of particular disease. Healthy maintenance plan ensures an individual receives an inclusive health care ranging from prevention to treatment, rehabilitation, promotion, and palliative care-as convenient as possible to individuals every day environment.

Healthy maintenance plan for children aged from 0-10 years is very crucial since the foundation for lasting responsibility for individual healthy maintained are established in childhood. Children healthy maintenance is very crucial for both childhood and adulthood healthy and for promotion of positive attitude about healthy, promotion of individual healthy responsibility and health services use. The objectives of children healthy maintenance plan within the primary health care  is to detecting disease, promoting health, counseling to prevent health problems in future. A comprehensive history must address any concern from the child, and family as well as assessments for lifestyle habits such as physical activity, diet, hour of sleeping per day, safety habit and dental care. Children should undergo obesity screening and resources for intensive comprehensive behavior intervention must offered to those with obesity. Although there is no clear evidence regarding hypertension screening before the age of 18, numerous experts’ advices that annual blood sugar screening should begin at the age of 3 years. According to American scholars of pediatric, hearing and visionary screening should be conducted annually to school gong children. (Riley, et al, .2011) age appropriate vaccination should be provided as well as any skipped immunization.

 The main morbidities among the adolescence are psychological and healthy maintenance plan for adolescent is very essential it will assist to prevent this. Indolence begin from age 10 and ends at  19 years  Primary health care plays a critical role in preventing advance result and promotion of healthy life style. The main priority of adolescence healthy maintenance is to address parent and patient concern. A part from physical and observation examination, healthy maintenance provides an opportunity for surveillance development, to explore whether the teenagers are engaging in supportive relationship with peers and family, and healthy lifestyle. The plan also assist in monitoring teens’ sense of hopelessness, wellbeing, self-confidence as well as their capacity to cope with the stress. Physical examination should include measuring, calculating and plotting blood pressure, weight, height, and BMI. Skin inspection for acne, atypical nevi, acanthosis nigricans, piercings, tattoos and self-inflicted Injury. Spine and breast examination to determine Tanner Stage in girls and asses for gynecomastia in boys. Genitalia examination to identify if there any signs of STIs. Vision screening should be carried annually. A fast lipoprotein profile should be obtained in late adolescence or if there are presence of risk factors. Screening for anemia should done to all female (Franssen, et al, .2019).  In every five years. Girls with risk factors such as excessive menstrual and low iron intake should be screened annually. The screening should include, obesity screening, physical activities and behaviors.

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Healthy maintenance plan for adults is also very crucial as many life style begins at this stage. Apart from physical and observation assessment, an ideal healthy should include Counseling and education for all adult aged from 19 – 59 on matters concerning drugs and alcohol abuse prevention, Exercise and nutritional, fire arm safety, seat belt safety, Safe Sex Practices and Smoking Cessation. For female entering, during and prior menopause education and Counseling should include Osteoporosis Prevention and Hormone Replacement Counseling. All adults including men and women should undergo hypertension screening regardless of their age every 2 years.  Screening of prostate cancer should be carried on all men from age of. Studies has shown that prostate cancer commonly appears in men from age of 40. Prostatspecific antigen (PSA) and Digital rectal exam tests should be done annually. Screening of sexual transmitted disease to sex active female should carried frequently using Pap test.  All adults also should undergo screening for various diseases like breast cancer, diabetes, cervical cancer, colorectal cancer, and cardiovascular disease (by doing a cholesterol screening) (Nary & Bruns, 2019). It is recommended that women from 21years should always go for a pap smear annually. The adults should also be immunized against disease like influenza, flu, measles, mumps, varietal zoite, human papilloma virus, tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis, hepatitis, pneumococcal and meningococcal diseases (Nary & Bruns, 2019). It is recommended that they take a dose of tetanus vaccine once in 10years. They should also practice a healthy lifestyle by having proper nutrition, doing physical activity, and avoiding substance abuse. They should have counseling safe sex practices and proper nutrition. 

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Lastly, the elderly, 60years and above are a very vulnerable group of people. With an increase in age, the health deteriorates (Nary & Bruns, 2019). It is recommended to use aspirin for primary prevention. The old should undergo regular screening on cancer like prostate cancer, breast cancer, colorectal and lung cancer. Screening for cardiovascular disease should be done by monitoring their blood pressure, lipid screening, and testing for aneurysms. They should also undergo functional and psychosocial assessments to evaluate their cognitive function and test for depression. Tests for osteoporosis, hearing loss, and vision should also be done. Those that are sick chronically should undergo close monitoring and proper medication (Nary & Burns, 2019). The nutrition for the elderly should be healthy and favorable foods for them. They should also avoid drug and substance abuse. Another primary care practice that relieves stress is healthcare services, such as therapy sessions for the elderly.

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As stated by Iadecola (2019), therapy is helpful as it helps patients cope with mental health problems, anxiety, or depression. There are mental health problems common among lonely people, such as personality disorders. Loneliness may emerge from old age where one lacks the business of others or is unemployed; thus, there are no contacts with peers or mates. Counseling is important because depression is a common disorder that can lead to other serious circumstances. Via therapy, which is included in the health maintenance plan, loss of trust and mismanagement of feelings are also corrected. As they are the most frequent victims of depression and mental health disorders, therapy is a recommended health care intervention for the elderly. Such a preventive care policy in elderly patients’ hospitals will help reduce underlying disorders that lead to neurological health difficulties (Iadecola et al., 2019). Health management plans, such as elderly population therapy sessions, are also important primary care practices that manage cognitive health disorders and depression.

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As examples and analysis outline in this healthy maintenance plan have demonstrated, a broad arrays of elements influences individuals healthy and numerous entities in the society share responsibilities for improving and maintain it healthy.  Though there might share healthy concerns, every developmental group in the society has its healthy concerns which must addressed differently. Healthy maintenance plan contribute in both healthy promotion and improvement.

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