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  • My Perception of criminal Behavior as Fashioned by Prior Biblical Instruction

    The Christian Worldview Paper Assignment is a paper outlining your perception of your own Christian worldview as it relates to criminology. In this paper, explain how your perception of criminal behavior was fashioned by your own experience and prior biblical instruction. Read also Christian Worldview As It Relates To Criminology Christian Worldview as it Relates […]

  • A Comparison of Symbols and Rituals of non-Judeo-Christian Religious Organization and Christianity

    Symbols and Rituals of non-Judeo-Christian Religious Organization and Christianity Non-Judeo-Christian religious organizations are different from Judeo-Christians. However, they have some symbols and rituals that match those of the mainstream Christians, even if they are not identical. One of them is the use of scripture as a religious guide and the holder of laws that the […]

  • Christian Versus Buddhist Understanding of Suffering

    Introduction             The world is characterized by suffering, both physical and mental. Different religions have a different understanding of the concept of human suffering. This paper seeks to compare and contrast Christian and Buddhist understanding of suffering. Both religions have a long historical interest in suffering. Whereas the two agree that suffering is part of […]

  • Islam versus Christianity – Compare And Contrast Essay

    Islam and Christianity are both Abrahamic monotheistic religions, with both believing in one God though Christians believe in One God in holy trinity; God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. The two religions have holy book containing God’s message to His people, with Muslim Quran being written by one prophet; Muhammad and Christians’ […]

  • Elements of Religion – Christianity And Rastafarianism

    Introduction As an institution, religion acts as comprehensive technique for human kind to value their experience on earth. Organized religions, in particular, act as intensive and comprehensive ways of valuing the experiences that one goes through here. Religions found all around the world are often placed in a segment of human phenomenon with distinct characteristics. […]

  • The Elements Of Christianity

    Beliefs. There are many beliefs in Christianity, with the central belief being the presence of only one Supreme God. God is Supreme and is the only God to be worshiped. God sent his only son, Jesus to save mankind from sin and death. Moreover, there is a belief in the holy trinity. According to (Mackey, […]

  • Comparison of Christianity and Yoruba Tradition

    The Yoruba people believe in gods, who have supernatural powers. Similarly, Christianity in entrenched  in the belief of the supernatural powers of God, the creator of, human beings earth, seas and the giver of life and protection. However, the Supreme Being in Christianity is more defined, with God as the ultimate creator and Jesus as […]

  • Significance Of The Triumph Of Christianity Over Paganism

    The passing of transgression and religious sensuality. Using Evans, Bataille, and Nietzsche, what is the Significance Of The Triumph Of Christianity Over Paganism? Bataille supports the triumph of Christianity over paganism stating that Christianity has saved the word from Crime. According to Bataille, the pagan faith appears to be monstrous because it prevents people from […]

  • Cultural Identification – Azande Culture Vs Christianity Culture

    Component Parts of Culture Azande Culture Christianity Culture Kinship and Marriage There is a strong patrilineal bias with respect to kinship in the Azande society. Relationships are rarely traced back for a couple of generations. Marriage is viewed a contract that is fulfilled by payment of bride-wealth (Baxter and Butt, 1953). The father is the […]

  • Monotheism In Christianity, Islam, and Judaism

    Monotheism Monotheism is the act of believing in one God. Western religions that practice monotheism include Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. These religions worship in the same conspiracy that the Supreme Being is included in any part of the world. According to Christianity, Judaism, and Islamic the Creator has divine power and also is involved in […]