The Elements Of Christianity


There are many beliefs in Christianity, with the central belief being the presence of only one Supreme God. God is Supreme and is the only God to be worshiped. God sent his only son, Jesus to save mankind from sin and death. Moreover, there is a belief in the holy trinity. According to (Mackey, 2006) the belief in holy trinity is based on the fact that God manifests Himself in three forms, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The belief in the presence of God is outlined in the book of Isaiah 43: 10-11. The book of Genesis 1:26 and 2Cor. 13:14 discusses the importance of the Holy Spirit as the way God manifests Himself to the mankind.

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In addition, there is the belief in life after death and that the spiritual experiences that occur in the daily life determine what the life will be like when one dies. Christianity is grounded on the belief in the sanctity of life as enshrined the holy Bible. It is believed that life is scared and no one is allowed to take his/her life or the life another person.

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The life of a Christian are governed by the codes of behavior, which are outlined in the Holy Book; The Bible. The codes of behavior are outlined in the Bible through the Ten Commandments that Jesus often taught his disciples and followers (Grudem, 2009). The Ten Commandments assert the need to love one another, to love God with all of one’s heart, not to steal, kill, and not seek vengeance, exercise forgiveness and to recognize the superiority of God and Jesus over the mankind. In addition, there are numerous stories, which perpetuate Christian morals and virtues. For example, the story of the prodigal son reiterates the need to be forgiving when somebody asks for forgiveness.

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The main ritual in Christianity is that of going to church every Sunday and reading of the bible. Sunday is considered a holy day among all Christians as taught in the Bible. Upon the creation of the Universe, God took a rest on the seventh day and this day has been marked by all Christians to be on a Sunday, a day to go to church and give thanks to the Almighty God. In addition, many Christians read the bible and pray every day.

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There exist also other rituals that are observed in church and during the life of every Christian. The holy sacrament and baptism are the other important rituals in the life of a practicing Christian. According to (Grudem, 2009) the life of a Christian begins through baptism during birth or in his/her adulthood. Once one has been baptized, s/he can take the holy sacrament, a ritual that was given by Jesus Christ himself during his time on earth. The communion is taken as sacred and holy.

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