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  • A Comparison of Managed Care Organizations and Accountable Care Organizations

    Detailed Definition of Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) Today, the term Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) is used in reference to healthcare entities that organize, finance, and deliver health care services to a defined population in a specific geographic area. The concept of managed care was introduced in the United States in the 1970s as a way […]

  • Evolution of Healthcare in the United States Since Postindustrial Period

    Since the postindustrial period, health care in the US has evolved from a simple system of itinerant doctors with relatively little training to a complex system. Medical science, technology, and authority of the medical professionals undergird the complex system. This paper examines how health care in the US has evolved since the post-industrial period. It […]

  • Tools and Resources Available to Healthcare Leaders to Guide Their Efforts Toward Sustainable Operations

    There are numerous tools available to health care leaders to help guide their efforts toward sustainable operations. Some of the tools and resources include Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), Green Guide for Health Care, Architecture 2030, Greenhouse Gas Reduction Toolkit, and Green Power Partnership. LEED is a tool developed by the US Green […]

  • Formal Training Proposal on Modern Technology in the Healthcare Industry

    Introduction I am the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Training World, Inc., an international workplace training organization, that offers training and development in the healthcare field. The organization is equipped with 200 full-time and part-time professionals with advanced knowledge in different areas in the healthcare field. With the help of our professionals, the organization has […]

  • How Important is “Green” in Healthcare Products and Supplies

    Green Purchasing Green purchasing otherwise known as environmentally preferable purchasing (EPP) or green procurement is significantly important in the overall purchasing decision for health care products and supplies. Green purchasing helps healthcare organizations purchase products and supplies that reduce harm to human health and the environment. According to Kim (2021), green purchasing seeks to reduce […]

  • Using Telehealth to Overcome Emerging Barriers to Healthcare

    Telehealth Overview and its Role in Healthcare Healthcare providers routinely play a leading and often prominent role in the operationalization of schemes geared towards overcoming emerging barriers to healthcare delivery. Their participation in complex evidence-based practice (EBP programs is now credited for the extensive assimilation of information technology (IT) systems in healthcare and the adoption […]

  • An Evaluation of Healthcare Workforce Labor Costs

     Three Key Drivers of Labor Costs within A Specific Health Care Service, Facility, Or Other Health Sector-Related Occupation For the past decade, the labor share of hospital total expenses has been increasing. According to the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA), hospitals in the US have created 586,500 new jobs in the past decade, significantly increasing […]

  • Global Healthcare Strategy in Boldly Go Case Study

    Problems/Issues Facing the Organization as Regards to Global Healthcare Strategy in The Boldly Go Case Study Providence Healthcare has been through a transformation process that focused on improving quality of care, reduce cost and enhance general performance. The transformation process was led by Josie Walsh and has since its planning in 2009 has experienced a […]

  • Healthcare Leadership Through The lens of The Research

    Definition of Leadership Through the Dominant Leadership Theories in the Research Leadership is an essential element of society. Whenever any type or form of society exists, leadership is fundamental. Leadership refers to the process through which a person mobilizes people and resources to achieve a shared vision or desired goal (Barr & Dowding, 2019). According […]

  • U.S. Drug Prices, Why Are they so High?

    Drug Prices in The United States Nearly one in four Americans who take prescription drugs say they struggle to afford the medication they need. A recent report from RAND Corporation found that US prescription drug prices are 256% higher than other countries; averaging the prices seen in 32 other countries (Light & Caplan, 2018). The […]